December 3, 2023

On Saturday, travel guide writers shared a photo showing the backside of an elk, and somewhere in Arroyo, a ravenous mountain lion.

The research reveals that the image was captured by a motion-sensitive trail camera in October 2019 as part of the arroyo restoration project at the Rio Moura National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.

Rio Mora Share the photo As a test for his Facebook followers in July 2020. It’s a tough test and the answer is provided near the bottom of this post.

common theme in travel guide book Comments section: “It took a while.”

Many of Río Mora’s followers struggled to locate the mountain lion and one used a magnifying glass to achieve success.

Understandably, mountain lions, or cougars, are ambush predators that rely on stealth to catch prey.

Rio Mura, a week after her original post, posted More photos It was captured on the same camera in two minutes. It includes the image used for testing and the image showing a mountain lion, which can be clearly seen, following an elk (published below).

The mountain lion after coming out of hiding

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The images, which will be useful if you haven’t already spotted a mountain lion, provide a clearer picture of this predator-prey interaction.

In her description, Ryo Mora stated: “The entire photo series is more than two minutes long. Unfortunately, it does not tell us the final fate of the elk, but it may answer questions that few of you had.

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