December 3, 2023

Over the weekend, Tesla showed off its latest gadget: a solar trailer, featuring extendable panels, a satellite internet terminal, and even a bit of matte black paint.

Tesla may have designed the trailer to add some range to electric vehicles — or to herald Starlink’s new $25-a-month “portability” feature, which SpaceX announced in May. Whatever the case, you likely won’t see this trailer for sale anytime soon.

This is because of Tesla It appears to be “Concept show“for every a Tesla fan, who shared photos of the solar trailer on Twitter. The tool was shown in IdeaExpo, a technical conference directed towards High school age students in Hannover, Germany. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment when asked about the trailer. as such, There are a lot of unknowns, including its size, weight, and Razon de Vivier.

Anyway, solar cars stood on the horizon for More than half a centuryAnd they’ll probably stay there for some time. Sure, concepts and limited-range vehicles often make headlines, but solar cells hit the roof of a sedan It can only generate so much energy. For many people, increasing the range from solar energy is simply not worth it Added cost.

However, at least one company promised to release solar panels For Teslas (not yet delivered). In addition, the automaker itself said it will make the Cybertruck (which has not yet been produced) with an extension retractable sun cover.

That’s cool and all, but don’t let it distract you from Tesla’s solar record. The company released some cheerful announcements (see:Main Scheme, Part Deux“) around the time of its acquisition of SolarCity, but since then Tesla’s share of the solar market has declined. We’ve seen reports of Rooftop solar panel firesAnd the scam customersAnd the Posting delaypave.

So Tesla might have the right idea with this solar trailer. The concepts are light and fun. To be stuck without a roof? This is something else entirely.

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