December 2, 2023

Weird things He kills the characters from time to time. The characters you kill are rarely the main cast.

spoilers in the future.

Instead, the Duffer brothers came up with a formula: introduce a new, lovable character each season, and then, once audiences are marginally invested in that character, kill them.

kill them While that To kill Mike or Steve or Nancy or Max.

This has been very effective in the past. In the first season, Barb dies when the Demogorgon takes her and kills her. It was barb. . . fine i guess. Honestly, we barely recognized her before the proverbial bullet swallowed her, and I’ve always found the “Justice for Barb” fan movement kind of silly.

The second season’s death was, by far, probably the saddest. POP – Played by Sean Astin Lord of the rings And the fools Fame – he was a truly beloved man, and because of his relationship with the Byers family, his death deeply affected him.

In season three, the Duffer Brothers kill Alexei, a merry Russian who was trying to help Hopper, Joyce, and Murray stop the bad guys. Honestly, the whole Russian plot in season 3 was so preposterous that almost everything was ridiculous to me, but I was saddened by Alexei’s death. Then again, I was expecting it. The formula is starting to appear.

So when they introduced Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Monson in season four, almost everyone expected it to be a toast. And if Eddie was just another Barb or just another Alexei, everyone would be fine with him.

Instead, Eddie quickly becomes one of the most likable characters in the entire cast, more interesting and charismatic than Mike, Jonathan, or many others. He had a nice relationship with Dustin and would have had a great friendly rivalry with Steve, but the formula proved too strong even for him.

Instead of exploring what would happen if he returned to Hawkins as the prime suspect in the series of bizarre murders carried out by Vecna, the show killed him in one of the most pointless self-sacrifice ever. It was sad for sure, but it was more than that infuriating. I agree that there are too many characters in this show, but I’ll trade Eddie for half of them in the blink of an eye.

What has Mike actually done in the past three seasons that matters at all? Jonathan is almost completely useless now. Steve, as likable as he has become, had a full and complete personal story. His sacrifice had a profound effect on everyone. Eddie wiped under the rug.

Naturally, fans who agreed with this general sentiment and who loved Eddie Monson’s character began petitioning to bring him back. At the time of this writing, over 21,000 people have signed it up.

I’m not sure how that works. While fans assumed this might be another fake death no Hopper, the Dover brothers emphatically said he was dead and gone.

Joseph Quinn is not happy with his character’s death but he understands.

“I don’t think it’s very fair. But I do think it sort of fits in with the rest of the season’s theme — it’s more adult, it’s brutal, it’s more scary, and that kind of sense that life isn’t always easy,” Quinn says. “It feels more mature. And while we all want to celebrate Eddie and get the hero’s death he deserves, I think it’s kind of classy storytelling.”

Can. Or maybe it’s just a huge shame to lose such a really great character whose story isn’t fully told.

Sign the petition here.

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