December 3, 2023

sierra leon The Football Association begins an investigation into two matches that ended 95 matches0 and 911.

The two matches in question were played in the country’s second division. Kahunla Huge Rangers 95 record0 win Limbebu united. and the Gulf FC rip cokema Aside from Lebanon because it came out 911 winners.

BBC Sport He stated that the two wins are the largest winning margins in the history of football in the country and are also among the largest in the history of the game.

Both results were canceled after suspected match-fixing, the first half result was 20 and 71 in a row.

Currently, the record for the largest profit margin is held by Madagascar AS Ademaafter 1490 win stadium Olympic Limren. 149 goals scored by the losing team as a form of protest against the referee’s decision.

sierra head leon Football Association, Thomas Daddy Prima “We cannot stand idly by and see an embarrassing situation like this go unpunished,” he told BBC Sport Africa.

“We will launch an immediate investigation and hold everyone responsible for this mediocre performance to account.”

Prima He added: “All those found guilty will be dealt with in accordance with the law SLFA Laws, will also be delivered to the country anti-Corruption A committee.”

Kahunla Rangers CEO “strongly condemns unsportsmanlike behaviour” and Limbebu The United manager said he was “not aware of any match-fixing”.

from the other match, cokema The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lebanon said that the match was actually just a friendly match, while the Gulf match FC Club officials declined to comment.

sierra leon The FA decided that they would investigate the players and officials of all clubs participating in both matches, match officials, as well as the Football Association in the Eastern Province.

that they SLFA It added that it “maintains zero tolerance” for match-fixing in the country, in line with the rules of the sport’s governing body. FIFA Confederation of African Football.

Kahunla The Rangers chief executive said on social media after the match: “I want to start by apologizing to football fans in the country and the world at large for the outcome of my club’s singles match. Kahunla warning.”

“I want to firmly stress that I strongly condemn such unsportsmanlike behavior shown by my team and the other teams involved.”

“I am setting up a committee to investigate the entire team including the technical team and executive members, and those found to be disabled will be dealt with accordingly.”

Lumbibo The general manager said: “I will never be a part of match-fixing.”

“I am calling on the football authorities to investigate both matches and bring in anyone found to be missing a reservation. If no one has been convicted of any crime, so be it.”

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