December 5, 2023

Highland Park’s mother, suspect Robert Cremo, angrily confronts the SWAT team in the wake of the July 4 mass shooting.

Video acquired by CBS News Dennis Pessina is shown screaming and pointing to officers on McDaniels Street, Highland Park, on Monday, while she was on a massive chase for her son.

It is unclear what the standoff ended, but CBS News reported that Ms. Pessina was in contact with police for several hours after the shooting at the Independence Day parade.

It also emerged that a Pesina-owned company had a mailbox at a UPS store just a few blocks from the scene of Monday’s shooting.

CBS News reports that police have put the UPS store under closure, and no one has been able to enter the store since Monday.

Bessina and the suspect’s father, Bob Cremo Sr., retained high-ranking Chicago attorney Steve Greenberg.

Dennis Pessina, mother of Highland Park suspect Robert Cremo, and husband Bob Sr. have hired Chicago attorney Steve Greenberg


On Wednesday, Greenberg said the parents unfairly blamed their son’s acquisition of the high-powered assault rifle used in Monday’s deadly attack.

“The ‘system’ is trying to make this about parenting,” Greenberg said Wednesday.

“The biggest question, which must be answered and answered, is why are military-grade assault weapons available for anyone to purchase?”

Greenberg did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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