December 3, 2023

Self-actualization refers to the process of realizing an individual’s full potential while retaining the ability to appreciate and enjoy life to the fullest. It is a state of mind that everyone strives for but not everyone achieves.

According to research, a self-actualized individual:

  • They accept themselves as they are
  • Shows great empathy for the people around them
  • Possesses an intelligent imagination and can solve difficult problems and dilemmas

Interestingly, new drug research is beginning to shed light on how drug use can push you toward self-actualization. Here’s how.

#1. It may help with self-acceptance

according to study Posted in frontiers in psychiatry, Psychedelic drugs can make us more open to new experiences, which are often an obstacle to self-acceptance.

Most people who struggle with acceptance usually avoid experiences that they find psychologically difficult and end up suppressing any critical feelings that stem from those experiences.

It appears that the drug may reduce experiential avoidance and thus increase acceptance in two ways:

  1. Relaxing psychedelic-induced beliefs. This refers to the gradual dissolution of one’s previous beliefs which often hinders the ability to accept things as they are.
  2. Intensify special events. Individuals may experience an increase in intense feelings and memories that they may not have had access to before.

The effect of these influences prompts the user to confront and accept their inner experiences by abandoning their previous beliefs. The study showed that most participants who participated in a psychedelic experience showed a consistent acceptance of their internal events and surroundings.

#2. You can increase your creativity

Creativity is essential for anyone seeking self-fulfillment. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just a gifted trait of the lucky ones, but a state of mind that anyone can develop. a study By Luisa Prochazkov, a psychologist at Leiden University in the Netherlands, she not only confirms this phrase but also shows that psychedelic use may act as a ‘stimulator’ for developing a more creative mind.

“Instead of envisioning creativity as a personality trait reserved for a few talented people, we view creativity as a state of mind or a series of cognitive processes that anyone can engage in when trying to generate innovative ideas,” says Prochazkova.

In her new study looking at the effects of small-dose psychedelics on creativity, she found that small doses have a powerful effect on the brain’s creative centers.

“By reducing the weight of prior beliefs, psychedelics have been proposed to cancel pervasive thoughts and biases—leading to a more unrestrained, unconstrained cognition associated with creativity,” says Prochazkova.

#3. May your empathy grow exponentially

Empathy is another essential characteristic of the self-actualization process, as research shows that how you treat others reflects who you are internally.

To increase your level of empathy, it is necessary to overcome personality traits that may negatively affect your behavior with others. Incompatibility, neuroticism, and Machiavellianism are personality traits that many people possess to varying degrees and act as disincentives to empathy.

a study By Dr. Brandon Weiss of Imperial College London, he identified how hallucinogens can be used to overcome these negative traits and bring about positive personality change.

“Drug experiences are associated with profound changes in the way people relate to themselves, others, and the world around them,” explains Weiss. His research suggests:

  1. Your personality may change for the better. People often reported being less contentious and more understanding with others after using the drug.
  2. You may have less anxiety. Participants with severe anxiety showed reduced levels of neurotic traits after trying a psychedelic. These levels remained stable even after three months of use.
  3. You may feel more connected to others. Research has shown that people who have had a drug experience report an increased sense of belonging to their community. This was due to the feeling of “awe” created by the experience that prompted users to change their view of how they see themselves in the world.

conclusionThe road to self-realization is long and hard. However, the benefits of experiencing a psychedelic may provide us some relief on this journey and may serve as a shortcut to reaching self-realization. Of course, hallucinogenic researchers strongly advise to use these substances only in the presence of professionals and to be familiar with your family’s medical history.

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