December 9, 2023

The new United coach has started Before The training season with his players last Monday as the Dutchman looks to implement his ideas as soon as possible.

Ten Hag is famous for his passing style which was often seen by his former team Ajax. A style that made Amsterdam FC one of the best football teams in Al Ain.

During his first interview as United manager Ten Hag said it was important to win while playing football well, he would use this. Before season to transform his team into a team that plays fast and attacking football.

Footage has emerged showing Tin Hag putting his United players through the motions on the training ground and a comparison has been made to his former team already.

The video shows the players involved in a one-touch pass and movement.

But it soon became clear that Tin Hag and his coaching staff were less than happy with the players’ performance.

In the video, Ten Hag and his staff can be heard shouting “Right foot… on Left foot..” as his players struggled to perfect the concept of the exercise.

At the end Ten Hag exclaimed, “Make too many mistakes.”

Since the footage appeared on the Internet, another video has appeared, and the new clip shows the Ajax team from Ten Hag doing the same exercise, and the difference is huge.

The Ajax players seemed more flexible in their movements and their passes were more accurate and clear. The intensity was on another level compared to what the United players offered.

It’s safe to say Ten Hag will need some time to change up United’s style of play.

Fans were quick to spot the difference when they took to social media to make fun of the United players.

One fan tweeted: “Oh my God, the difference is mental.”

Another said, “It looks really good when it’s done well…but it has a lot of work to do with these a lot.”

And a third said, “Looking at this and looking at what we have, I can say we’re not close but we can’t give up either.”

Away from the pitch, United have many issues to solve, and they are still working hard to bring in more new signings after the club completed the signing deal. Feyenoord defender Teryl Malacia.

Then there is the small question of solving the future Cristiano RonaldoThe player wants to leave, but the club does not want to sell. Who will get their way? Only time will prove it.

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