December 3, 2023

None, the consumer tech company started by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei and known for its aggressive marketing, Unveils a non-fungible token project called the Black Dot. His fans are skeptical.

The black point is a file Video Features a rotating, translucent cube with a black dot that bounces off the walls inside and emits a crisp metallic sound. The visual is great and matches the minimalist aesthetic of the earphone and smartphone maker – kudos for that. The question is: why NFT?

Nothing allows her Equity crowdfunding investors Retrieve collectibles using self-guarded wallets such as MetaMask. After NFTs drop on July 7, sales will open to the public on the Opensea Market. It is not clear how much the company is pricing in the bounce points or which blockchain it is using.

The startup, founded in late 2020 and backed by Google Ventures, has been relatively successful in getting the attention of tech enthusiasts and influencers. Despite the marketing hype, Nothing’s wireless earbuds and upcoming Android phone breathe some fresh air into the increasingly homogenous consumer tech space.

But fans seem less impressed with the NFT movement. As of Wednesday, the most liked comments on Instagram Mail About the Black Dot was overwhelmingly negative. “Obviously you’ve lost track of the plot,” says one user. “What a waste of resources on something completely useless. Instead, focus the money on developing the phone or any other technology.”

Fans have a point. None, which is based in London, undertakes this Differentsuch as offering transparent earbuds at just $99 and smartphones with LED strips, so you’ll likely need to spend more on custom manufacturing — which is done in southern China — and more quality control than its competitors with a more advantageous approach to hardware design.

Desired company a description The NFT project is unlikely to convince critics. Or maybe I lack vision.

“We are all nothing. The dots in a huge scheme are highly improbable. But let these seemingly small and insignificant dots relate to each other. Then something begins. The new is a perception. Faith becomes reality. The rules of society.”

To be fair, web3 functionality and smartphone technology have been integrated by serious blockchain organizations. Solana, one of the most popular blockchain networks, grabbed some heads last month when it launched its Web 3 based phone, which aims to make interacting with blockchain services easier on mobile (at the moment it is very limited).

And NFTs are not all driven by greed. The technology is seen as a useful way to authenticate an individual’s membership in a community or access to an event, which in theory helps reduce fraud.

But introducing NFTs weeks before the launch of the first phone for Nothing could turn off customers who associate NFTs with deceptive, speculative behavior or exclusive social clubs, given the exorbitant price tags of some holdings prior to the recent cryptocurrency crash.

Rather than touting an animated cube with a vague artist’s statement, perhaps none could give a damn about the direction it wants to take in Web 3 – assuming its management is optimistic in the field. Let’s say if his phone will indeed be crypto-friendly, make sure that the actual user experience lives up to expectations.

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