March 4, 2024

While we know that the fifth season of Stranger Things is nearing the end of the series, perhaps a year and a half from now, there’s also another project in the works, one that Netflix hasn’t officially announced, but the Duffer Brothers seem to be content they talk about all the time in multiple interviews.

From happy sad confused podcast (via wrap), the Duffer Brothers talked about their goals for their upcoming solo show, something they wouldn’t actually do showing/writing/orienting themselves, it seems, as they passed the reins to someone new:

“Hopefully we’ll find that person to pass the baton to as we continue to do new things,” said the Duffer Brothers. They are “really upset” with the idea and say it is “1000% different” from Stranger Things.

Are you Wants That your proposal is “1000% different” from the successful one that I produced? They go into more detail about exactly what they mean by that:

“I’ve read this rumor that there will be eleven minor items, or that there will be a minor component of Steve and Dustin, or it’s another number. That’s not very interesting to me because we did all that. We spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all that. So It is very different.”

“The most important connective tissue I can tell is the sensitivity of storytelling,” they continued. “There is a story that connects to the world of ‘Stranger Things,’ but it’s really more about how we tell that story.”

This essentially ends speculation that Stranger Things might follow the seemingly missing character of Kali, or Eight, a powerful character introduced in a separate episode of Season 2 that pretty much felt like a test pilot for a potential new series. But this does not happen, it seems.

The Duffers seem to want to stress that the main thing is that tone, ring It’ll be the same, and they’ve talked about how they wanted to relive the sense of wonder in older ’80s movies, and that nobody really did that except for Super 8. It’s interesting, because while Season 1 is definitely a re-read of ET in many ways, by season Fourth now, we’re arriving at Nightmare in the Elm Street area, bordering the Hereditary in some cases, so I’m not sure about Stranger Things Itself It has the same tone all the way through.

But what seems clear is that they wouldn’t just pick a character in the series and give them something of their own, which was probably what everyone expected. This could end up being something similar to the way Fear the Walking Dead came out of The Walking Dead, where it was the same universe, same threat (The Upside Down/zombies) but new characters, a new part of the country. Although Fear of course has character crossovers at the end, I’d be surprised if zero The cast members have appeared on any Stranger Things show.

We’ll see what the future holds, but I think it’s…something we probably can’t really guess, knowing the Duffers.

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