December 3, 2023

Editorial in state-run China Xinhua Monday news network In memorial of The American Fourth of July holiday by claiming that Nazism originated in the United States rather than Germany, the de facto home of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

The tortured logic of the Chinese Communist editorial was that Americans supposedly invented eugenics, genocide, and racism, and the Nazis were so impressed with the results that they decided to model their atrocities on “America’s genocide against indigenous peoples.”

Most of the article is pieced together from everything bad that Xinhua’s robotic advocates could find in American history, without any real effort to craft a coherent narrative or explain how it captured the Nazi’s heart.

Xinhua’s editorial randomly lit up recent photos of the US Capitol and the “Stop Asian Hate” rally in San Francisco, just to make it appear somewhat relevant to current events. Much of the text was lazily picked up from a few US media sources.

People holding a bilingual banner take part in a rally to stop Asian hate in Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, United States, May 15, 2021 (Xinhua/Dong Xudong via Getty Images)

The point of all these dry rhetorical admonitions was to define the last paragraph:

These atrocities in Hawaii and Alaska are just the tip of the iceberg of America’s human rights abuses. However, they may shed light on how inspiring politicians in Washington were when they fabricated stories of “genocide” and “forced sterilization” in Xinjiang, China: for America’s own crimes.

Beijing’s tyrants remain angry at sanctions such as the Uyghur Prevention of Forced Labor Act (UFPLA), a US law passed in December. entered into force Last month. After the UFPLA was initially dismissed as a petty nuisance, the communist regime began recognition The law will cause real pain to many important Chinese industries by requiring importers to prove that their products are not tainted with slavery.

A protester from the Uyghur community living in Turkey, holds an anti-China banner during a protest in Istanbul, Thursday, March 25, against Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Turkey. Hundreds of Uyghurs have staged protests in Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, denouncing Wang Yi’s visit to Turkey and calling on the Turkish government to take a stronger stand against human rights abuses in China’s far western region of Xinjiang. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Contrary to Xinhua’s panicked ridicule, many goods flowing from East Turkestan, China-occupied region refer to “Xinjiang”, be Slave made it or slaves made it from collected raw materials, so the UFPLA would do them a lot worse than they wanted to admit hitherto. Despite all this talk of “fabricated stories”, the concentration camps of East Turkestan are clearly visible from orbit, and have provided huge data dumps. reams of documents About human rights violations in China.

The Chinese promoters are so desperate that their Fourth of July job of distorting American history included some very uncomfortable historical references, such as this summary of how the Alaskan Natives were treated as “second-class residents in the eyes of the American colonists”:

The original children were accepted into separate schools. Half-citizen, half-American children had to give up everything related to their original identity, including diet, clothing, language, and religion, to go to the same schools as American children. In 1915, the Alaskan provincial legislature recognized the right of Alaskan Natives to vote, only if they abandoned their traditions and customs.

China’s genocide against the Uyghurs involves a great deal of this type of cultural flow, as is the case with minorities in Beijing. forced to give up Their language, traditions, and religion replaced the Chinese language and Chinese communist ideology instead. China has gone further duty Uyghur women accept that Han men live in their homes while their husbands are imprisoned in the camps.

leaked documents show Chinese officials shipped Uyghurs to faraway regions of China as slave laborers to disperse their population and dilute their culture, making it difficult for Uyghurs to marry each other or pass on their culture to new generations. More direct methods have also been used to reduce their population, Including Compulsory sterilization and forced abortion.

Whatever one might say about the most bleakest chapter in American history, it happened centuries ago. China practices slavery, ethnic cleansing, and outright genocide today.

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