December 9, 2023

Why don’t we all talk about the bombshells House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hid until the 4th of July weekend?

Pelosi and her husband, Paul, 82, spent the weekend at the very exclusive Alpemare Beach Club on the Italian coast. There they were joined by the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli, his wife and others, according to to the New York Post. By “others”, I suppose the port meant Pelosi’s enormous breasts, which would likely create their own orbit.

Pelosi was falling off her blue shirt – or bathing suit – so who cares what she’s wearing?! She was barely wearing it. (Related: Pelosi gives bizarre and borderline incoherent response to Roe F. Wade’s question, calls SCOTUS Leak a “fake” opinion)

The speaker usually appears weak and skinny, and her eyebrows often seem to be hidden somewhere above her hairline. But this is DC Nancy. This new version of Pelosi will now be known as “Vacation Nance,” which sounds like the most fun European speaking way.

So while Americans were paying about 17% more for their family’s Fourth of July get-togethers, Vacation Nance and its centers celebrated America’s birthday thousands of miles away from this great country. Then again, would they have fun even in the States?

Pelosi’s husband is facing jail time after he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in California’s Napa Valley about a month ago. Democrats in D.C. Nancy are preparing to lose control of the Senate and House of Representatives in the mid-term of 2022, so this exclusive getaway may have been the couple’s last escape before their lives and careers fell apart.

A husband facing jail time and losing control of the country are DC Nancy’s problems, not Vacation Nance! Of course, it wouldn’t be her problem if she just stopped running for political office and lived the life of luxury with the millions upon millions of dollars that she and her husband earned throughout her political career.

Maybe they can spend some of their money on a private driver? just an idea.

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