March 5, 2024

The MLB trade deadline is less than four weeks away (set for August 2 this year) and two of the nominee shooters to start the trade are dealing with shoulder injuries. On Wednesday, the Cincinnati Reds announced that right-hander Tyler Mahley had been placed on their injury list for 15 days due to a strain in his right shoulder, and the Oakland Athletics announced that Frankie Montas would not make his next start due to a shoulder infection.

Mahley, 27, allowed two runs and walked the season by four strokes in five runs on his last start. “It was definitely tough. I wasn’t pitching all the time. You love getting out of those games that aren’t good for you with limited damage,” Mahley told The Associated Press after the matchHe did not indicate that he was dealing with a physical problem.

Tyler Mahley

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Back in September. His 4.48 time in 92 1/3 turns is a bit of a consideration, but Mahle has a solid track record and is a consistent favorite thanks to his high turn rates. The qualification is under control until 2023 and it has attracted the interest of many teams since last year.

As for Montas, the 29-year-old came off his last start after just one run with a shoulder problem. He’ll get a cortisone shot later Wednesday and skip his next start, Coach Nick Paparista told San Francisco Chronicle. Montas is on the Day by Day roster right now and A’s hasn’t said when he’ll make his next show. He was not put on the list of injured.

“He had some tightness in the back of his shoulder and didn’t feel like he could fully stretch,” he said. ‘”Club A manager Mark Kotsai told NBC Sports Bay Area after Montas’ recent start. “So in this case, we’ll err on the side of caution. He got checked. He got some infections again, and we’re going day in and day out from here.”

Montas has been solid in recent years and hasn’t had any arm issues. However, interested teams – and there are plenty given how effective Montas is, plus the fact that he is under team control until 2023 – will want to see him healthy and on the hill before the trade deadline. They want to make sure they get the good, healthy version of Montas.

Athletics (28-55) and the Reds (28-52) set the worst and third-worst records in baseball, respectively. Both clubs have swapped players aggressively since the end of last season, particularly the top players, and Montas and Mahley are arguably the best chips left. They can be kept and traded for later if their health does not improve before the deadline, but as these injuries show, this can be risky.

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