December 9, 2023

since then Kevin Durant ordering a trade from NetworksTeams across the NBA were on high alert looking to see if there was a deal to be struck. And since the news broke, Kyrie Irving’s status with the team has been in limbo.

On June 27, before he chose his player option for next season, it was reported by New York Daily News‘s Christian Winfield That the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Heat, 76ers and Mavericks were potential landing points for a signing and trading deal. Now that Brooklyn may be looking to do a complete rebuild with Durant wanting to get out, a potential market for Irving is beginning to form.

according to Ovarian ReportJake Fisherno 76ers and the Mavericks They are not interested in making a deal for star guards at this time. The Lakers Staying as a team has a clear desire to reach Irving, but it is unclear if they have the resources to strike a deal.

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