November 28, 2023

Venezuela’s socialist regime took advantage of the country’s Independence Day on Tuesday to launch a huge parade balloon of the “super mustache” – the American-style superhero of dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro, while not the legal president of Venezuela, is still responsible for the armed forces and law enforcement, making it impossible for the country’s president, Juan Guaido, to govern. This includes organizing celebrations for the country’s two most important national holidays, Independence Day and Armed Forces Birthday, both of which are celebrated on July 5. Today Venezuela is 211 years old, as it was the first Spanish colony to operate its monarchy in the Americas.

Maduro did not attend the show, according to Venezuelan reports indicatebut send Super Peugeot Balloon apparently in place. The balloon was glowing from a giant floating parade decorated with the Venezuelan flag, surrounded by representatives of the indigenous community in Venezuela and soldiers wearing sanitary masks.

Super Mustache appeared as a cartoon apparently impersonating American hero Superman in late 2021. In the cartoon, Super Mustache thwarts the plans of his enemies, anti-Maduro socialist opposition leaders and a White House figure seemingly inspired by President Donald Trump. The first episode of “Super Mustache” blamed the country’s ongoing power outages on a plot orchestrated by Trump and the Venezuelan opposition to weaken the Maduro regime with “electromagnetic” attacks. In fact, Venezuela’s electricity grid, under socialist management for two decades, is collapsing due to poor management and lack of maintenance.

In Maduro’s absence, his defense minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, Drove Tuesday celebrations. Addressing attendees at the show, Padrino credited the late dictator Hugo Chávez, who ruled in the 21st century, with establishing Venezuela’s “independence.”

“This revolution of July 5, 1811,” said Padrino, according to the Argentine newspaper, “began a long and arduous road to freedom.” no nasion. “We are on this path today in the form of a Bolivarian Revolution as it was built by our leader Hugo Chávez, patriots today, for this people who are here, who listen to us, see us and watch us.”

Despite his death, Hugo Chávez retains the official political title of “Supreme and Eternal Leader of the Revolution” at the time of this report.

Padrino also took the opportunity to insult the United States, which Latin American far-left autocrats commonly refer to as “empire” or “imperialists.”

“It seems that the imperialists thought that once the leader Chavez—the ideological theorist, the maker of philosophical foundations for the Bolivarian Revolution—was gone, they thought the project would be finished,” Padrino said, and they did not. They explained that the original spirit of that July 5, 1811 was still alive in the people, and had never fainted.

While Maduro did not attend Tuesday’s parade, he posted a video message of his oppressed people from within the confines of the luxurious Miraflores Palace, a salute to members of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) and to thank them to protect the “holy ground [Simón] Bolivar, the founding father of the nation.

Maduro supporters and various socialists online have used the occasion of Venezuela’s Independence Day, as Padrino did, to generalize insults against the United States. One of the popular videos, undated, appeared in shared posts but appears to be from sometimes In 2021, the Venezuelan armed forces emerge chanting deadly threats against American soldiers.

“Listen pitiyanqui to what I will tell you/You will never interfere in my country,” the cheering begins, using a pejorative for non-Americans who have affection for the United States.” Listen a little Gringo We are ready / We wait with Russian weapons / We will be your Latin America’s Vietnam.”

The United States, like most countries of the free world, does not recognize Maduro as president of Venezuela. Despite this, leftist President Joe Biden began sending delegations to Caracas to speak to Maduro and his followers in March. Reports at the time indicated that Biden expressed a desire to buy sanctioned Venezuelan oil in an effort to replace oil from Russia that America and Europe publicly claimed they would boycott in support of occupied Ukraine. Opponents of the deal have pointed out that Maduro is a close ally of Russia — he was among the first world leaders in February to support Vladimir Putin’s bombing of Kiev — and is heavily indebted to Russia, meaning that any profits Venezuela makes from selling oil to America will likely be. They end up in Russia.

A second US delegation to Caracas met with Maduro’s leading follower Jorge Rodriguez, who runs the National Assembly, in late June, according to Maduro himself. Maduro did not reveal the details of the conversation – only that it happened – but reports citing anonymous sources claimed that Biden’s representatives were seeking to discuss the liberation of American citizens unjustly languishing in Maduro’s brutal criminal regime.

Talks between Biden and Maduro representatives have alarmed Latin American leaders.

“Going to buy oil from Venezuela, from Maduro who has committed crimes against the Venezuelan people, who has the largest migration [crisis]This is negotiating with the devil and this is cut off [my] Principles,” Guatemalan conservative President Alejandro Giamatti told Breitbart News in an interview in June. “Maduro can get petroleum and I might need it, but I wouldn’t buy a gallon. I wouldn’t buy it for a simple reason: I would feed the devil.”

Similarly, Colombia’s outgoing conservative government – which Maduro regularly threatens to invade – expressed its disappointment with Biden in March.

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