December 9, 2023

Danny Mills sensationally claimed that none of the top six in the Premier League would qualify Lionel Messi Immediately.

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At times, he struggled in Ligue 1 after his supposed refusal to play in the English Premier League.

The former Premier League full-back Mills does not believe any of the top six will win the seven-time Ballon d’Or at the moment.

However, Mills praised Messi as the greatest footballer he’s ever seen – but is not convinced he would feature in the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham.

“Will you take Lionel Messi now? Probably not,” he said on talkSPORT.

Needless to say, Mills’ evaluation of Messi made social media run wild.

One wrote on Twitter: “Is it over? I’ll take Messi in a heartbeat as I’m a Spurs fan.”

A second wrote: “For commercial reasons only. To sell T-shirts. Other than that no. None of them will take it.”

A third added: “This must be a joke. Messi enters every team in the world.”

A fourth commented: “Surely it’s not dangerous?! You can, maybe, just make a case for Man City. But he definitely enters the Tottenham team for sure.”

Photo: scientific
Photo: scientific

The idea of ​​Messi playing in the Premier League has always been a fascinating debate.

His impressive record of goals against English clubs in the Champions League indicates that he will be a huge success in the league.

Although Mills believes the Argentine has not featured in any of the top six teams in the Premier League at the moment.

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