December 5, 2023
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Outfielder’s Chris Bryant launched his first home run since joining the Colorado Rockies during the holiday season Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers (GameTracker).

Bryant’s home shot, with a single shot, came in the sixth inning and reduced Los Angeles’ lead to 4-2. According to Statcast, his run on his ground left the bats traveling at 104 mph and carried a projected 392 feet to center field. Here is the visual guide:

Bryant, 30, originally signed a seven-year deal with the Rockies worth more than $180 million in mid-March. He appeared in 15 games to start the season before landing on the list with a back injury. Bryant returned in late May, but needed another assignment in IL because of his back. He activated just over a week ago, with Tuesday’s game marking his seventh appearance since his comeback.

With Tuesday’s entry, Bryant had battled .284/.343/.341 (85 OPS+) with five additional base hits (all doubles) and no bases stolen. Although part of his former appeal was his defensive flexibility, he played no part anywhere but left.

According to the Baseball Reference database, Bryant’s 23 home run was the longest in his career to start a season. (That honor previously belonged to 20 games in 2015, his rookie year.) And it’s worth noting that Bryant’s blackout looks even worse considering he didn’t make the last 15 games to finish last season, which means he’s stagnant. It was the 38th worst match of her career.

Bryant has only played more than 20 home games without walking twice in his career, and has never played more than 24 games.

However, Tuesday’s Rookie entered with a record 35-45 on the season, putting them last in the Western National League, after about 15 1/2 games against the Dodgers.

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