December 6, 2023

As it has become a great American tradition, Joey Chestnut once again won the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog competition on Monday. But by winning his 15th title in 16 years on July 4, Chestnut had to deal with an unexpected protester who made his way onto the stage while the 38-year-old was in hiding.

Instead of security getting involved in the incident, Chestnut took matters into his own hands by putting the protester, dressed as a Star Wars, in a head lock before throwing him aside and continuing to eat.

But chestnut said on Tuesday USA Today Sports He wished he had not acted in this way towards the protester, describing it as an “unfortunate” situation.

“As soon as I caught the guy, I realized he was a kid,” Chestnut said. USA Today Sports. “I felt so bad afterwards. I was just excited, just focused on getting back to eating. … It’s a big deal.”

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