December 3, 2023

The Conservative Rebellion came to Boris Johnson.

The post of UK Prime Minister appears in increasing danger, as Johnson faces dozens of resignations from his government, Including two high-ranking ministers in the Cabinet.

The resignations arrived about a month after Johnson survived a vote of no-confidence among fellow Conservative MPs, which followed. Months of allegations including that he lied about the parties he hosted in his Downing Street offices during the worst of the Covid-19 crisis. Johnson kept his job, but the margin was slim enough to leave him politically weak. Some eventually interpreted it as The beginning of the fall For the once-dominant politician.

This breakdown may be here now.

It seems increasingly unlikely Johnson can withstand this onslaught of resignations, Driven after another scandal. This latest scandal concerns Conservative Vice President Chris Pincher, who was forced to resign last week amid allegations he obtained Drunk in a private club and feel two men. Perhaps that was the end of it, but the disaster has reappeared Other allegations of sexual misconduct against PincherIncluding One of the year 2019When Pincher worked for the State Department. This immediately raised questions about what exactly Johnson knew – and whether he had promoted Pincher, A Johnson loyalistTo cum flogged despite the accusations. In the beginning, Number 10 Downing Street was pretty much in line with the line that was Johnson I do not rememberuntil that story collapsed and officials asserted that Johnson was, in fact, He became aware of some allegations against Pincher.

Johnson apologized on Tuesday for Pincher’s appointment, saying he was “Error‘, in hindsight, to call him Vice-Chairman of the Whip. But it appears that it is a bit too late. On Tuesday evening, two of Johnson’s top officials, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid, resigned from the government, putting Johnson’s integrity into question. He blew up a large number of resignations that are happening now – over 35 resignations as of Wednesday, With more likely to come.

Both Javed and Snack are key figures in the Conservative Party who may have their own designs on leadership, so it was already difficult to overcome their departure. Johnson, of course, replaced these ministers. But British media are reports Some senior Johnson government officials are currently mobilizing to convince the prime minister that it is time to go.

Whether Johnson willingly resigns Or is he fighting to maintain his position? Still the biggest question. Although Johnson survived the impeachment vote in June, those early eruptions are usually a sign of it. The party got nervous about their leader. Previous Conservative prime ministers, including Theresa May, also survived a vote of no confidence, only to resign or be forced to step down sooner rather than later.

Johnson technically can’t face another vote like this for another year – although the rules could be changed, that’s likely One of the threats hanging on Johnson now. As of Wednesday, the 1922 Committee, which oversees conservatives in Parliament, Refuse to change those rulesbut she is holding her own committee elections right now, and after that, she can Rethink those rules.

And if Johnson continues for a long time in power, he is You may face a more decisive rebellion.

Johnson may finally face the end of his premiership. It’s a wild turn.

In 2019, Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and one of the pioneers of Brexit, led the Conservatives win historic victory He promised to “end Britain out of the European Union”. Johnson’s gargantuan 80-seat majority in Parliament – which he won, in part, by securing seats that were once Labor strongholds – made it look as though Johnson, and his version of the Conservative Party, would be in power for a very long time. Or at least until the next election around 2024.

This is not exactly how it went. Johnson accomplished Brexit, at least in the sense of Brexit, but his deal left many, many more Unresolved loose ends. The coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying economic crises, including The UK’s worst inflation crisis in 40 years, added new pressures. Then there were Johnson-made crises. especially, Lots of scandals.

Partigate is largely what got Johnson to this point. Last year, allegations began to surface with Downing Street officials hosting raucous personal parties when England was under very strict lockdown rules. Johnson initially denied any knowledge of the parties, but more photos and stories started pouring in, and Partigate refused to go away. Regardless of the juicy details, the scandal is fairly straightforward: the people responsible for setting and enforcing Covid-19 rules were themselves breaking them. Not only that, but most of the country was in a tight lockdown and couldn’t visit family or friends in hospital, let alone host parties. A Downing Street concert that was investigated took place on April 16, today Before Queen Elizabeth had to attend her husband Prince Philip’s funeral alone.

The ultimate government ethics investigation I found the failure of government leadership, and that many of these parties should not have happened. After the police investigation, Johnson was Fine for attending one eventAnd the Dozens of other officials were subjected to sanctions.

Johnson and his supporters have used Russia’s war in Ukraine To try to quell some of the criticism of Partygate, and to make the case against a change of leadership during the war. but the inflation crisis More double support for the Prime Minister. And in May, the Conservatives He lost hundreds of seats in local elections, indicating that voters were moving against Johnson and his party. Even after Johnson survived the no-confidence vote, the The party lost two seats By-elections in June (which were held due to the fact that two MPs had to resign, also due to sex scandals). One, in Tiverton and Honiton, Reverse Prefectural majority of 24000. If the Conservatives needed another sign that Johnson should not lead them through the next election, this was it.

In some ways, Johnson’s prime ministership almost seemed as if it was waiting for the thing to bring it down. Johnson has always been known for his loose relationship with the truth, and it’s no surprise that he fell into a cycle of cover-ups, and then had to apologize for that cover-up. (Makes all of these resignation letters about the Integrity Ring Little hollow.) Johnson was never very popular with the public (only more popular than his election opponent, then-unpopular Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn). And while he had loyalists within the party, the Conservatives eventually backed Johnson in 2019 to be party leader because he was seen as the man who could end Brexit and, perhaps more importantly, win an election. The first is less important now, and the second seems to no longer be. Public opinion also turned widely against Johnson.

Johnson is, for now, still prime minister. If more ministers – especially other senior ministers – rebel, Johnson may not be able to hold out much longer. May continue to fight pressure to quit; According to the Times of London, when asked about it by an Allied on Tuesday, He replied, “And that.” But it is very difficult to remain a party leader when the whole party is against you. It may not be about whether he goes, as much as when and how Johnson goes.

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