December 3, 2023

The dust has barely settled yet bomb news That West Coast Power College Trademarks USC And the University of California they leave Buck 12 to big ten. However, many find themselves wondering who might be next?

One possibility is Notre Dame, independent in football.

Tuesday “the herdColin Cord I collapsed why it makes sense for Irish fighters – and no one else – to join the Big Ten with a new look.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish is officially another great college football brand not in the Big Ten or the SEC. They are on it, and both [conferences] He’ll take them, though I think academically and geographically [the] “Big Ten suits her,” Cord said. I know, Miami, Miami. yes, [they] It was irrelevant for 20 years. They are not a great football brand. Nobody goes to [their] Toys. … Clemson is not a national brand. It’s great, but regional. Nobody really knows that [or] cares about that. Florida, same thing.”

Is Notre Dame the next show to join the Big Ten?

Is Notre Dame the next show to join the Big Ten?

Colin Cord explains why Irish fighters would be a great fit in the Big Ten.

“College football has a huge problem with the game, and there aren’t enough good big games for TV,” Coward continued. “There’s also a situation where on a lot of Saturdays we sit kind of waiting for the big game at night. The Big Ten broadcasts their games early. … people say this all the time, ‘There’s nothing to fix.'” College football is fantastic.’ No, that’s not right, he’s been seeing a seven-year drop in attendance, and he needs a shot of testosterone in the arm. Helping USC and UCLA in the Big Ten. Notre Dame will be to the Big Ten B-12 hit 10.

“College football isn’t perfect. People love tradition… you know what tradition is in college football [over] last decade? That the SEC team will reach the national championship match and win it two out of three years. This is great for one conference. This is great for one area. I have nothing against that region, but you can’t build a sport in one region and one conference. I don’t know if Notre Dame going to the Big Ten could solve the problem of SEC dominance, but I do know that it could solve more big games during the regular season problem. Just look at the Big Ten’s schedule.”

The Big Ten . Expansion It has left many thinking that college football is just that Headed towards a professional model with two huge conferences. It’s a win for the other schools in the Big Ten that feel USC and UCLA can help.”bear some weightWhile it’s a blow to Pac-12, which hasn’t sent a team to College Football Playoff since 2016.

With the additions of USC and UCLA, the Big Ten increased their membership to 16 teams. The Securities and Exchange Commission will also increase its membership to 16 by 2025 after last year’s vote on the addition Texas And the Oklahoma from Big 12.

In 2012, Notre Dame joined the ACC in all sports except football (independent) and hockey, which currently compete in the Big Ten.

Notre Dame considered joining the Big Ten in 2003 but eventually decided to turn it down.

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