December 6, 2023

In the wake of Kevin Durant Request to be traded from BrooklynAmong those interested in a deal, a very interesting team has emerged: Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors certainly have a wealth of assets to make a proper pitch to the networks.

But Colin Cord didn’t buy it, explaining why “the herd.”

How Kevin Durant’s Trade Order Affects the NBA

How Kevin Durant's Trade Order Affects the NBA

Kevin Durant remains with the Brooklyn Nets after requesting a deal last week. The Golden State Warriors was mentioned as a potential commercial match, but Colin Cowherd explains why the idea didn’t work.

“Empowering the player in the NBA sounds cool, doesn’t it?” Cord said. “But the fans really don’t like it. According to the NBA TV ratings, the lowest-ranked team this year was Brooklyn. Second, are we sure it’s great for star players?”

Cord said he’s looked at the last seven or eight instances of big stars switching teams, and found the results to be disappointing.

He said “Do you know what you find? One title, five disasters, four to five ‘Yes, I thought it would be much better.’…” What you find with navigation is… It’s hard to build friendships, you always feel weird… And frankly, this is exhausting. It’s a lot of work.”

Coward admitted the Warriors would be a good fit for Durant, especially with his “selfless star” in Steve Curry, “the cool wingman who bikes to work, Klay Thompson,” and my brain trainer.

“It’s the happiest, most cultured in the league, it’s fun,” he said.

But how likely is a Durant Warriors reunion? Reporter Ethan Strauss said not to rule it out.

How likely is a Kevin Durant Warriors reunion?

How likely is a Kevin Durant Warriors reunion?

Reporter Ethan Strauss joins Colin Cord to talk about the possibilities of Kevin Durant meeting Stephen Curry and Draymond.

“I don’t turn my eyes on the reports [that Durant could join the Warriors]because a lot of people did it in 2016. Like now.

“The funny thing about it is that this is the only situation in basketball where it’s maximizing both sides to win the title, and yet none of us think it’s going to happen.” “In every other situation, we think ‘How do the Lakers or the Nets increase their chances of winning the title? How does LeBron get a nickname? That’s the only situation where we look at where we’re going, that’s probably the best path for KD to win another title, and it’s probably the best path for the Warriors. It always worked out when he was on the court with them until he got hurt.

“However, it feels like you’re going to remarry your second wife. It’s embarrassing, it’s weird, nobody wants that, it’s not good showmanship. And those factors seem to outweigh winning a title. As far as we’re saying that’s what it’s all about.” “

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