November 28, 2023

Big Blue was on a buying spree recently with, a big data startup, becoming its latest acquisition. Don’t blink. If you do, you could miss out on another massive purchase for IBM.

sincere: Big data is a big deal. Less than a decade ago, many companies were manually entering data into spreadsheets for their insights needs. Today, even the most humble startups can benefit from deep analytics.

Unfortunately, the nature of companies that provide targeted services to a range of industries is rather barren.

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Simply put, you can’t just integrate a set of generic AI models into your IT stack and hope to find magical solutions to your company’s problems.

It takes infrastructure and expertise to turn your data inventory into action points.

background: IBM has spent more than a century developing infrastructure. But experience is a moving target. To keep pace with the modern influx of deep learning and data solutions in a period of technological turmoil, the company’s new CEO has opened up the company’s portfolio in hopes of building a data-analytics superpower.

According to IBM Modern Blog post: is IBM’s fifth acquisition in 2022 as the company continues to enhance its skills and capabilities in hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. IBM has acquired more than 25 companies since Arvind Krishna became CEO in April 2020.

This private acquisition enhances IBM’s ability to provide “data monitoring” solutions to its customers and clients.

In other words, comes with a suite of products and a team of employees who know how to turn huge sets of data into useful insights.

According to IBM:

A rapidly growing market opportunity, data monitoring is emerging quickly as a key solution to help data teams and engineers better understand the health of the data in their system and automatically identify and resolve problems, such as anomalies, broken data change, or pipeline failures, in near real time.

Quick take: There is a lot more to the world of big data than you think. With this acquisition, IBM not only gets software solutions that it can integrate with its existing abundance of management and analysis tools, but it also gets a team ready to start working for the company’s clients. has just completed a pre-acquisition funding round raising more than $14 million – a very good indication that the company is on a solid footing.

Here at Neural, we love it. Databand joins a company whose CEO is putting his finger firmly on the pulse of big data and IBM expands its industry-leading portfolio of AI-powered solutions.

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