December 5, 2023

Bystanders run after hearing gunshots at the July 4th Parade in Illinois

Robert Cremo, the suspect in the mass shooting at the Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois, is expected to appear in court on Wednesday, a day after he was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder.

If convicted, Illinois attorney Eric Reinhart said he would face life in prison without the possibility of parole. CNN reported that prosecutors will ask a judge to deny bail.

According to the police, Mr. Cremo planned an attack over a period of weeks and fired more than 70 rounds at random into the crowd watching the show, killing seven and wounding more than thirty people.

Photo of Robert Cremo dressed as a woman escaping the mass shooting area


On Tuesday, Christopher Coveley, the deputy chief of police for Lake County, said his first encounter with police was in April 2019, when authorities received a 911 call reporting a suicide attempt. In September of that year, the police were called again over alleged threats to “kill everyone” he made to members of his family, though they did not arrest him.

Six of the seven victims have been named: Catherine Goldstein, 64, Irina McCarthy, 35, Kevin McCarthy, 37, Jacqueline Sondheim, 63, Stephen Strauss, 88, and Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78.


Daughter forced to keep running as her mother was killed in Highland Park attack: ‘I couldn’t stop’

A survivor of the Highland Park shooting was forced to leave her dead mother behind and flee to safety where the suspected gunman, identified by police as Robert Cremo, was “still shooting everyone.”

Cassie Goldstein, 22, was watching the Independence Day parade with her mother, Catherine Goldstein, 64, in Chicago’s Highland Park suburb when the shooting began on Monday.

“I was standing there with my mom and I heard what I thought were fireworks shooting down the street across from me,” Goldstein said, remembering the moment she saw her mother shot.

“Then I looked up and saw the shooter shooting the kids,” she told NBC News. “And I told her that was the shooter and she had to run.”

They were running next to each other when her mother was shot in the chest and she fell to the ground.

“I knew she was dead,” she said. “I just told her I loved her, but I couldn’t stop because he was still shooting everyone who was next to me.”

Read the full story from my colleague Namita Singh:

Joanna ChisholmJuly 6, 2022 13:19


Carlson sparked a backlash after claiming that “collective shooters go crazy” because women turn up for the “privilege”.

In response to the deadly Independence Day mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, which left seven dead and dozens injured, Tucker Carlson switched from Fox News to his primetime show to stoke against what he believed to be the driving force behind so many people. Mass shootings in the US: Women’s “lectures” on the so-called “privilege” of men.

The Fox host introduced the controversial order by first saying that Robert Cremo, the suspect in Monday’s massacre, would not sound any alarms (despite the fact that the host noted during the same clip how the police were called to the 21-year-old. home twice in 2019 due to threats to harm himself and kill his family) because he looks like “a lot of young men in America who suddenly look and act like this guy.”

“They are angry. They know that their lives will not be better than their parents’ lives. They will be worse. That is all but it is guaranteed.” “However, the authorities in their lives—most of them women—never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege. You are male, you are special!”

The comments, which quickly angered online Twitter, went almost as far as to defend the so-called “outraged”, who collectively shoot mostly males, after he said: “Imagine that. Try to imagine an unhealthy life.” and unhappy about it. So, a lot of young people in America are going crazy. Are you surprised?”

98% of mass shootings are committed by men, but Tucker Carlson still found a way to blame women. One user, @TheScottCharles, tweeted, while another listed all the things the Fox host was willing to blame for the mass shootings — “marijuana, SSRIs, social media, pornography, video games, school counselors, women (seriously). )”—and all things that an expert wouldn’t notice, including guns or the accused shooter.

Joanna ChisholmJuly 6, 2022 12:35


The suspected Highland Park shooter bought his guns after his father secured his permit

Three months after Highland Park suspected shooter Robert Cremo called police to his family’s home after threatening to “kill everyone” inside, he applied for his first Firearms Owners Identity Card (FOID), under the care of his father.

In September 2019, when 19-year-old Cremo was too young to legally obtain a permit to carry a gun, Illinois State Police were called to the suspected shooter’s family home after they received a call regarding a “clear and present danger” report after he threatened “Killing everyone” in his family.

Two months after the fall incident, Robert Bob Cremo Jr., the father of the suspected shooter, sponsored his son for a FOID card, which was approved one month later in January 2020.

Read the full report from independent less:

Joanna ChisholmJuly 6, 2022 12:17


Robert Cremo’s parents talk about a ‘horrific tragedy’

The parents of suspected shooter Robert Cremo have hired attorney Steve Greenberg, a firm that has represented several high-profile cases, including singer R. Kelly, to represent their son and family.

In a statement issued by the Kremo family’s lawyer, they expressed their deep sadness at the “terrible tragedy” that unfolded on Monday, in which seven people were killed and dozens injured after a random gunman fired more than 70 shots at a crowd of paratroopers.

“We are all mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and this is a terrible tragedy for so many families, victims, optimists, the community, and our people,” the parents said. “Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with everyone,” the Kremo family’s lawyer said in a statement.

Keep reading the full story from Shweta Sharma less:

Joanna ChisholmJuly 6, 2022 12:01


More than a million dollars were raised in hours for an orphaned boy in a shooting in Highland Park

More than $1 million was raised within hours for a young boy who lost his parents in the mass shooting at the July 4th Parade in Highland Park.

Kevin McCarthy, 37, and Irina McCarthy, 35, were among the seven people killed in the shooting spree. During the turmoil, their two-year-old son Aiden separated from his parents.

The boy was escorted to the sidelines by some of the participants in the march amidst the chaos.

He was reunited with his grandparents and other family members later on. According to the grandfather, the child survived because his father covered him with his body.

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Joanna ChisholmJuly 6, 2022 11:40


“Videos of beheadings and glorification of school shootings and obsessions with 47”

His uncle said he “didn’t see any signs of problems”.

The mayor said she remembered him as “just a little boy” when she knew him as a cub.

Local police said he wasn’t even on their radar.

But a closer look at Robert Crimo’s online presence tells an entirely different story.

Across several platforms, the 21-year-old often posts disturbing and violent videos including a clip of beheading.

The amateur rapper, whose stage name is “Awake the Rapper,” celebrated the murder and school shooting in one of his music videos, culminating in the gunman’s fatal police shooting.

There’s also an unexplained obsession with the number 47 – the date July 4th backwards.

Read the report by Rachel Sharp Consider Mr. Kremo’s annoying online world:

Namita SinghJuly 6, 2022 10:45


Cremo went to the Trump rally dressed as Where’s Waldo

Robert Cremo attended Donald Trump’s rally dressed as a “Where’s Waldo” character.

Cremo appears to be a supporter of the former president – who is himself currently the focus of a congressional investigation into the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

The 21-year-old, who posted disturbing videos online before Monday’s massacre, was photographed dressed as Waldo at a Trump rally in Northbrook, Illinois, in September 2020.

He posted a selfie of himself at the event with the Trump 2020 flag in the background.

Read the details in this report by Rachel Sharp:

Namita SinghJuly 6, 2022 10:30


What we know about the gun used by the Highland Park shooter

Police said at a press briefing on Tuesday that the type of rifle used in the July 4 Highland Park shooting that killed seven and wounded more than 36 was a high-powered rifle that “is similar to the AR-15.”

Authorities initially said they had recovered a “rifle” along the parade route, and that they had deliberately withheld further details as they pursued the gunman.

Sgt. Christopher Coveley, of the Lake County Major Crime Squad, later revealed that the gunman had escaped the fire and fired more than 70 shots into the crowd from the rooftop of a commercial building.

When the shooting erupted just after 10 a.m. CST, hundreds of Highland Park-goers fled, leaving prams, clothes, and pools of blood splattered along the road in Highland Park.

In videos of the incident, the heavy and choppy sound of semi-automatic gunfire was evident.

“We heard 20 to 30 shots,” Lytham Burns said. NBC News.

“It was definitely semi-automatic, with a fast pace.”

Read the details in this report from my colleague Bevan Hurley:

Namita SinghJuly 6, 2022 10:15


Greene shares a photoshopped by Robert Cremo

Marjorie Taylor Green admitted to posting a photoshopped image while making up a series of unfounded allegations about the mass shooting at the July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

The Georgia actress, a first-term congresswoman known for promoting bizarre conspiracy theories, began her outlandish assertions hours after Monday’s shootings when she suggested gunman Robert Kremo’s rampage could be attributed to illegal drug use or common side effects. Used antidepressants.

Although there is no publicly available evidence to suggest that Kremo was a drug user of any kind, Greene took to Twitter late Monday to say that anyone not buying her claims was part of the coverage on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.

my colleague Andrew Feinberg Reports:

Namita SinghJuly 6, 2022 10:00


“I knew she was dead”: The survivor remembers leaving her mother dead and escaping to safety

Recalling the moment she saw her mother being murdered in front of her eyes, Cassie Goldstein, 22, said she was forced to leave her dead mother and run to safety.

“I was standing there with my mom, and I heard what I thought were fireworks shooting down the street across from me. Then I looked up and saw the shooter shooting the kids,” Goldstein told NBC New Tuesday.

“And I told her that was the shooter and she had to run.”

They were running side by side when her mother, Katherine Goldstein, 64, was shot in the chest and fell to the ground.

“I knew she was dead,” she said. “I just told her I loved her, but I couldn’t stop, because he was still shooting everyone who was next to me.”

She told the outlet that she “keep running” and “hid behind a trash can”.

Her mother was among the seven people killed in the mass shooting during a show on July 4. “She was just a good mom. I have 22 years with her. I had to spend 22 years with the best mom in the world.”

Community members embrace at a memorial site near the parade route the day after the July 4 mass shooting parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois


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