December 3, 2023

Bystanders run after hearing gunshots at the July 4th Parade in Illinois

A child is orphaned after his father protects him from semi-automatic fire during a shooting at the Independence Day parade in Illinois.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rottering told NBC that Kevin McCarthy had arrested his two-year-old son, Aiden, to protect him from being shot during Monday’s mass shooting.

Ms Rottering said the photo of Aiden, who lost her mother Irina, would “chasing” her for the rest of her life.

On Wednesday, Robert Cremo was denied bail after he appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday on seven counts of first-degree murder.

Prosecutors told the judge that the 21-year-old made a “voluntary statement acknowledging his actions” and revealed that the young man had made his way to Madison, Wisconsin, where he intended to commit another mass shooting but returned.

If convicted, he faces life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

According to the police, Cremo planned an attack for weeks and fired more than 80 shots at random into the crowd watching the show, killing seven and wounding more than thirty people.

A GoFundme set up by McCarthy family friends raised nearly $2.5 million by Wednesday afternoon, after billionaire fund manager Bill Ackman donated $18,000.


ICYMI: Robert Cremo planned a second attack in Wisconsin

Police told reporters Wednesday that Robert Cremo, who is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder in connection with the Highland Park shooting and will face life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted, planned a second attack in Wisconsin after the July 4 attack in Illinois.

At a news conference outside the courthouse, Sgt. Christopher Coveley, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, said Cremo crossed state lines from Illinois to Wisconsin, driving all the way to Madison in his mother’s car.

Although he was driving for some distance, at some point for some unknown reason he changed his mind and the 21-year-old returned to Illinois where he was later arrested by officers in north Chicago.

“Investigators developed some information that when he drove into Madison, he was driving, however, he saw a celebration that was happening in Madison, and he was seriously considering using the firearm he had in his car to commit another shooting in Madison,” he said. .

Read the full report from Rachel Sharp:

Joanna ChisholmJuly 6, 2022 21:14


Assault Rifle Used in Highland Park Photography Legally Bought Online for Less than $700

The high-powered rifle used to kill seven and injure dozens in an Independence Day mass shooting was purchased legally from an online retailer in Kentucky.

daily monster It reported that the suspect purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle at Buds Gun Stores, which sells the gun for less than $700 with free shipping.

The gun was shipped to an Illinois arms dealer called Red Dot Arms, where it was picked up by suspect Robert Cremo III.

The owner of Red Dot Arms told news outlets he was contacted by federal agents on Monday after they found the weapon near the scene of the mass shooting.

He was able to pass on Mr. Cremo’s details after driving to his office and checking sales information.

“Someone… would have thought [into] This was going to grind the serial number down and we’d never find it, said the owner.

Bevan HurleyJuly 6, 2022 21:08


What we know about the gun used by Highland Park shooter Robert Cremo

Authorities have revealed that the gun used in the July 4 mass shooting at the Highland Park parade, which killed seven and injured dozens, was a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle.

Prosecutors say Robert “Bobby” Cremo III fired more than 80 shots from a rooftop into an Independence Day crowd, reloading it three times, before surviving a fire disguised as a woman and melting into the crowd.

After escaping from the rooftop, authorities said the weapon fell out of his bag in an alley.

They found the gun, three high-capacity tanks of 30 rounds and 83 spent shells around the scene.

Read the full explanation from my colleague Bevan Hurley less:

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‘Will haunt me for the rest of my life’: Highland Park mayor describes reaction to 2-year-old orphaned in shooting

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell shared the touching moment from her interview with Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rottering in which the elected official of the last American city to come under mass shooting described the story that will “chase” her for the rest of her life is the story of Eden McCarthy. , the two-year-old, who lost his parents in Monday’s attack.

“The story that will haunt me all my life was the story of Aiden McCarthy… His feet were covered in blood. Relaying what Rotterring had told her, Mrs. Mitchell tweeted: “He was found under his father who was above him to protect him from the gun.

“It was being passed around in an underground garage because…no one could tell who that kid was. And when I realized nobody panicked and was looking for a kid, there was only one result, I almost vomited.”

Joanna ChisholmJuly 6, 2022 20:16


PHOTOS: Robert Cremo appears in court for the first time dressed in black

The alleged killer, 21, appeared in court on Wednesday for the first time via Zoom where he was ordered to be held without evidence on seven counts of first-degree murder.

During the morning bond hearing, the accused gunman appeared in the 19th Circuit Court in Lake County, Illinois, wearing a black T-shirt and his long dark hair around his face as he stared at the camera.

Robert Cremo appears for the first time in court on seven counts of first-degree premeditated murder


Joanna ChisholmJuly 6 2022 19:45


Robert Cremo appointed solicitor general, and the parents appointed a high-ranking attorney to represent R. Kelly

Robert Cremo was appointed as public defender, while his parents appointed the same prominent attorney representing R Kelly to be their attorney.

Appearing via Zoom from the Lake County Jail during his first court appearance since the fatal shooting two days ago in a Chicago suburb, Cremo only spoke once to state that he doesn’t have a private attorney. Judge Theodore Botkonjak then suspended the hearing and ordered him to go to a private meeting with Public Defender Gregory Teksay.

Confusion ensued after special defense attorney Tom Durkin – who had indicated the previous night he would represent Cremo – attempted to join the Zoom meeting, but was several minutes late.

When he finally got in, Mr. Dworkin explained that he had to step down from the case due to an unspecified conflict of interest. It was then agreed that Mr. Ticsay would represent Mr. Crimo in the future.

Follow the full story from my friends Megan Sheets And the Bevan Hurley less:

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Babi went with Mami and Babi:

Nivea Guzman, granddaughter of Eduardo Ovaldo, the seventh victim who was identified Wednesday morning as having died in a mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois on Monday, posted an update on her grandfather. GoFundMe Later that afternoon.

“Babi has gone with Mami and Babi. We thank you for your prayers and donations,” wrote Ms. Guzmán, whose brother and grandmother were also injured in the July 4 attack but are recovering from their injuries.

Eduardo Ovaldo died on Wednesday of his injuries in the Highland Park shooting


Joanna ChisholmJuly 6 2022 19:13


Authorities are addressing the confusion over the seventh named victim in the Highland Park shooting

Stephen Spagnolo Lake County District Attorney’s Office said independent There was some confusion over the release of the seventh victim’s name.

He could not comment on when further charges would be brought.

Joanna ChisholmJuly 6 2022 18:45


Police say a mass shooting was thwarted at the Virginia State Capitol after a tip-off

Police in Virginia have thwarted a shooting that was scheduled for July 4 in the state capital Richmond.

Richmond police said a report led to the arrests and the seizure of several guns.

The authorities announced the alleged plot in a press release, but did not release any additional information. Leader Gerald Smith planned a press conference for Wednesday afternoon.

Follow along with this developing story by reading my colleague Gustav Killander Report:

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The death of an unnamed victim was reported on Tuesday, with authorities identifying the seventh victim

On Wednesday morning, the Cook County Medical Examiner reported that 69-year-old Eduardo of Waukegan, Illinois, died at 7.47 a.m.

The Lake County coroner named six victims of the Tuesday afternoon shooting and said the seventh victim — whose name has not been released — died outside the county.

At a news conference Wednesday morning, officials said the death toll remained at seven, including the death of Mr. Ovaldo.

reached by independent After Wednesday’s press conference, the Lake County Coroner’s Office confirmed six deaths within its jurisdiction and the Cook County Coroner’s Office confirmed one death.

However, confusion remains over the unidentified victim whose death was reported on Tuesday, as well as the prosecutor’s decision to indict Mr. Cremo on seven counts of murder before Mr Ovaldo’s death was announced on Wednesday.

Read on to read everything we know about the victims killed in the July 4 mass shooting in Highland Park below:

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