December 2, 2023

The Highland Park home in which alleged mass shooter Robert Cremo lived has an exterior mural of a person with a gun.

Nation news Take pictures of the house in a sleepy Illinois suburb where the deadly rampage took place – leaving seven dead and dozens injured.

“The worrying thing about that plate with the character holding the gun is when you look at the gunman’s videos online, the face of the character on the side of the house is the same as the face on the gunman’s shirts in the online videos,” reporter Brian Enten said of the report.

Cremo is accused of killing seven people and injuring dozens at a 4th of July parade in Chicago’s upscale Highland Park suburb. Cremo, who was allegedly dressed as a woman, climbed onto the roof of a house and fired a high-powered rifle at the crowd below.

Cremo was arrested in Lake Forest, Illinois, later on Monday.

There were, in hindsight, a number of reasons for concern about Mr. Cremo’s state of mind. Mr. Cremo celebrated and focused on the mass shootings on his social media platforms and chest Music videos called “Wake Up” depict mass killings, and three years ago, police officers were sent to his home after a family member said Cremo said he was going to kill everyone.

Earlier that year, Mr. Cremo reportedly attempted suicide. Last year, Cremo bought five rifles — including shotguns and pistols.

One of his high school classmates said, “There were red flags, but I didn’t think, again, that they were violent red flags.” Nation news. I thought he was troubled. I thought he had behavioral problems at school.”

Karimo has been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder, and if convicted, he faces a life sentence. More charges against Cremo will be issued soon, Lake County District Attorney Eric Reinhart said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. He also called for a ban on assault weapons both in Illinois and nationwide.

“The assault weapons ban was implemented in 1994 with bipartisan support and the support of law enforcement,” said Mr. Reinhart. “It has been for ten years, and studies have shown that mass shootings like what happened yesterday decreased during those ten years. We should have the same bans in Illinois and beyond.”

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