November 28, 2023

The July 4 shooting suspect in the Highland Park parade attack was in possession of an Illinois Firearms Owners Identity Card (FOID), which enabled him to purchase guns legally in the state.

CBS News Reports That the suspect has a FOID card since 2020.

TV program pointed Christopher Coveley of the county’s major crime task force said the suspect in the shooting legally purchased five guns over the course of a year. Coveli did not remember the exact dates but believed the purchases took place in 2020 and 2021.

Coveli explained that the suspect had purchased “at least two rifles, some handguns, and possibly a shotgun.”

He noted that the firearm used by the suspect was “similar to an AR-15,” but did not provide the exact caliber of the gun or any other details regarding the model.

Illinois Police Chief Sergeant Dali Garcia was also at Coveli’s press conference, and was asked how the suspect managed to obtain a FOID card despite calling police about the suspect in September 2019. The Guardian Reports The police were called because the suspect threatened to “kill everyone” at his family home.

Garcia noted that the Illinois State Police did a search of the suspect’s data, and he did not have a pending FOID card request at the time, so no action was taken.

“The person named in the report did not have a FOID card or anything to cancel or review,” she said.

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