December 3, 2023

The suspected gunman in the horrific 4th of July massacre on Monday is alleged to have been expelled from a local synagogue months before the tragic incident.

Although police have not yet identified a possible motive as to why Robert E. Perhaps she was anti-Semitic in nature. According to Rabbi Yosef Shanowitz, Karimo allegedly entered the Chabad Synagogue in the suburb of Chicago last April during Easter and was subsequently asked to leave.

“During the last Easter holiday, that person entered Chabad Synagogue,” Schnowitz said of Kremo.

We have an armed security guard sitting in front of us. … approached [Crimo] I strongly asked him to leave, as I noticed that he was not a member of our community, ” he added.

The rabbi did not say whether Cremo acted suspiciously before he was asked to leave the synagogue, which is located just two blocks from the scene of Monday’s shooting.

Lake County Key Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Coveley reporters On Tuesday that police had yet to prove a motive for the massacre, though evidence suggests it was racially or religiously motivated. Coveli said:

We have no indication at this point that he was racially motivated, motivated by religion or any other protected status. At this point, we haven’t developed a trigger from it. The investigators… held discussions with him. I have nothing to say about the motive yet because it has not been provided.

During the same month in April when Cremo was asked to leave the synagogue, residents were horrified when anti-Semitic leaflets were left outside various homes on Yom Hashoa – Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Honestly, this is disgusting, and it needs to stop,” said Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rottering. He said in response to the posts. “For this kind of rubbish, the disgusting phrases thrown into people’s driveways – day and all days – are especially painful.”

As Breitbart News reported, the gunman planned to attack the show for weeks and even dressed in women’s clothing to avoid arrest.

Up to six people were killed and 24 wounded during the 4 July attack.

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