December 4, 2023

Some players thought it was a good idea to exchange punches in a video while doing the rounds online.

In a video shared on Twitter by DallasTexasTV, two men were striking as passersby were trying to calm the situation. Shockingly, the cooler heads didn’t prevail! (Related: David Hoxstead is right king In the north When it comes to college football)

You can watch the bizarre battle unfold below.

Once again, we have a silly video of people having a huge fight. What’s wrong with these clowns? It looks like they are in a shopping mall.

Aren’t shopping malls supposed to be relatively quiet and quiet places? I hate malls, but at least I think that’s the idea.

If you are an adult and find yourself fighting for any reason other than an immediate threat to your life and safety, you are an idiot. It’s really that simple.

You are not a little kid! There is simply no excuse. Grow up and act in a way that reflects the fact that we live in a society.

I can’t wait to see which bones get into battle next!

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