December 6, 2023

Mexican state authorities have arrested a feared drug terrorist who was once linked to car bombs. He is also the leader of a faction in the Gulf Cartel masquerading as a self-defense group.

The arrest took place in the Monterrey metropolitan area, where Tamaulipas State Police and Nuevo Prosecutor Leon Octavio “El Prove o El Tarzan” arrested Lil Moncada, 70. The wing of the Gulf Cartel disguised as a civilian self-defense group.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tamaulipas revealed that the arrest was based on an indictment indicting Lalal Moncada of a double murder in the town of Hidalgo.

Leal Moncada was first reported by Breitbart Texas in 2015, when this post obtained a taped phone conversation in which two former senior leaders with the Gulf Cartel discussed car bombs to target law enforcement.

“Old Moncada told me that when they wanted, he would talk to the chief of El Toro to set off a car bomb at the [Tamaulipas State Police]polihuachos (Mexican soldiers), poliazul (Federales), ‘said Roberto ‘Comandante Chiricuas’ Saavedra Santana, in recording with Alberto ‘Wero Clefoas’ Cleophas Martinez.

The cartel leader was referring to Lyall Moncada, who is allegedly known within the Gulf Cartel for using car bombs.

More recently, Moncada has been linked to murders, kidnappings, people smuggling and widespread fuel theft schemes. Law enforcement sources revealed to Breitbart Texas that Moncada used his gunmen to shoot at the homes of local farmers to chase them off their property.

The head of the cartel was also chosen as the man responsible for erecting the barricades along the highway between Ciudad Victoria and Monterrey.

Moncada was a supporter of Americo Villarreal, the successful candidate for governor of the state of Tamaulipas for Mexico’s ruling Morena party. The crime boss was a major factor in persuading at least five mayors to support Villarreal. In the past, Moncada has reportedly supported other parties, including the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN).

Ildefonso Ortiz is an award-winning journalist with Breitbart Texas. He co-founded Breitbart Texas’s Cartel Chronicles Project with Brandon Darby and Breitbart’s senior managers. you can follow it Twitter and on Facebook. He can be contacted at

Brandon Darby is Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart Texas. He co-founded Breitbart Texas’s Cartel Chronicles Project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Breitbart’s senior managers. follow him Twitter And the Facebook. He can be contacted at

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