December 6, 2023

The joy of the Summer Games, which quickly raised $3.01 million for Doctors Without Borders, was marred by little controversy. During the charity marathon, Mekarazium, a Metal Gear Rising: Revenge Runner, fake his run from Dull revenge wolf DLC, play split video instead of playing the game directly. The phantom race was discovered when Mekarazium itself was discovered confess to cheatingdemanding Games Done Quick Organizers to Removing VOD from playback and blocking Mekarazium from future events. Mekarazium managed to get rid of the scam, even though this was the first live GDQ since AGDQ 2020, he shared remotely, broadcasting from his home.

On Thursday, June 30, I ran Microzium Metal Gear Rising: Revenge On a new game as well as a hard difficulty, the finish with a time of 57:45 was, as his confession put it, “much better than what we trained for.” After that, complete Blade Wolf Downloadable Content (DLC), a post time of 6:55 which, according to the leaderboards, broke the current world record (owned by Mekarazium itself) by 25 seconds. Mekarazium finished the race with a roving speech that seemed to focus on the sprint community’s desire to better support the people who contribute to world records – such as people who find glitches and the best routes – rather than the world record holders themselves. He concluded his speech by quoting lyrics from the Heavy Metal song.This atheist endeavorBy Nevermore:

I feel empty and confused
He denied the last epiphany and preached from the theater

Then he said, “We shall never meet again, I suppose,” apparently referring to the fact that he would be discovered.

It’s unknown why Mekarazium chose to reveal his cheating, but members of the sprint subreddit r/speedrun team assumed he might have been about to break out due to the cheat. Watching close to Blade Wolf Playback detects that there were no keyboard sounds in the volume when it was present during his voice Revenge Being. There is also a moment where he is Moves his right hand in the camera view While the character he’s controlling on the screen moves the game’s camera. Mekarazium explains the paradox by saying that he “moves the mouse with his left hand”.

McCarzium apologized in his admission, saying he wanted the “world record”. Blade Wolf He ran to his “top” Revenge Being. He also stated that he hopes his actions will not affect remote running in the future during live marathons. While sprint marathons are not exclusively US-based (indeed, the European Speedrunner Association will host Her marathon later this month), GDQ is the largest and most popular. Allowing remote running live marathons appears to be one of the most accessible ways to allow runners outside and others, who cannot travel for various reasons, to participate.

GDQ issued a statement regarding the ban, saying: “This is totally unacceptable and attempts to undermine the integrity of the sprint community we love and support.”

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