December 9, 2023

former Chelsea Reportedly, Charlie Musonda is strangely left at the new club, Zolt Wargem.

The 25-year-old’s ten-year spell at Stamford Bridge ended this summer, with the Belgian club making his free transfers after his release.

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He secured loan spells to Real Betis, Celtic and Vitesse before leaving Chelsea as a free agent.

Zolt Wargem provided the player with a career lifeline by awarding him a contract after admiring a training session and a test match.

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However, mysteriously – Musonda failed to report the training after the call was offered.

Despite this, the Belgian team initially claimed that his absence was due to a family problem and insisted that he would return to sign for them, the sun.

But they have now admitted that they have no idea where their new player is.

Now his future seems to be clouded by his strange disappearance.

Eddie Cordier, the club’s chief executive, has “no idea” where Musonda is – claiming the player hasn’t spoken to anyone for weeks.

“When will Charlie Musonda return to training? I don’t know,” he said.

“Will he come back someday? No idea.

“I don’t know if we’ll pull his plug because he hasn’t been around since he trained two weeks ago and there has been no contact.

“It is very important that we focus on the group of players that are here at the club in preparation for the new season.”

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