December 5, 2023

Los Angeles Dodgers player Chris Taylor will be placed on the injured list on Wednesday after a CT scan revealed a fracture of his left foot, According to Fabian Arda.

Taylor, 31, appeared to be struggling with the injury when he fouled his foot on Saturday. He left that game early, then left Sunday’s competition before trying again on Monday. Unfortunately, Taylor was again forced to leave before the competition ended with what the Dodgers believed to be a bruise to the foot.

Taylor has appeared in 74 games this season, collecting a .238/.319/.409 (101 OPS+) slash with six home runs and six stolen bases (in seven attempts). He’s been in a slump lately, scoring four hits and 17 hits in his last 38 runs on the board. Taylor rolled out a .118/.211/.147 slash during that time.

Although Taylor is known for his defensive versatility, he has been used exclusively on the field this season. The Dodgers could, in theory, bring utility player (two-time Olympic medalist) Eddie Alvarez back from the palace. Alternatively, the Dodgers have two other players in both their Triple A and 40 roster: shortstop Jacob Amaya and defensive back James Ottman. The Dodgers can also buy the contract of one of their superior level-centered prospects, whether it’s Michael Bosch or Miguel Vargas, who has excelled in 77 Triple A games.

The Dodgers entered Tuesday with a record 50-29 on the season, putting them first in the Western National League by 4 games over the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers plus-140 running difference is the second best in the majors, trailing only the New York Yankees, who scored a plus-159.

The Dodgers are set to wrap up their three-game series against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday before hosting the Chicago Cubs in four games.

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