December 4, 2023

Many Democrats have criticized Joe Biden, opposing his weak leadership and expressing doubts about the viability of the 2024 race.

Some Democrats have express doubt That Biden is eligible to run for a second term, Florida Agriculture Commissioner and Democratic nominee for governor Nikki Fried has refused to endorse the aging president for a second term. Indeed, Democratic National Committee member Steve Simonides called on Biden to “announce his intent not to seek re-election on the 24th immediately after the midterm elections.” The New York Times who – which “Saying that our country is on the right track would blatantly deviate from reality.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman and Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan dribbling Joe Biden planning a state visit. Ryan’s attempt to distance himself from Biden prompted JD Vance to do so Explosion Ryan for “hiding from Biden” and his “refusal to appear in public with the leader of his party”.

A top Democratic strategist stormed the Biden White House, Says hill who – which “Our house is burning and it looks like they are doing nothing to put out the flames. They are just watching it with the rest of us.”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has attacked the Biden administration for “undermining our democracy,” saying the administration “is using law enforcement as a weapon to go after political opponents,” even noting that “these are the characteristics of a dictatorship/banana republic.”

He also called the former presidential candidate Biden “elusive”, highlighting rampant inflation and shortages, and claiming Biden is “not exercising leadership” but “only playing the blame game.”

This criticism comes from Biden suffrage He reveals that only 33% of Democrats said America was heading in the right direction in May, down 16 points since April. As of June, only 72% of Democrats and 39% of Independents approved of Biden’s administration, indicating a new decline from 97% and 61%, respectively, in February 2021.

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