December 5, 2023

Some Democratic strategists have expressed concern about President Joe Biden’s handling of hot issues like inflation and abortion amid increasingly grim poll numbers facing the president.

Democratic strategist Joel Payne said, “There’s the administrative part of the job and the political part of the job, and this president seems to be leaning more toward the managerial role at a time when his coalition is thirsty for political clarity and leadership.” meeting with hill Posted Wednesday. “The president and his team have to be vigilant about providing that and balance the need to do both.”

Another Democratic strategist, he didn’t rest his identity hillHe sharply criticized Biden and White House officials, noting that they need to do more to resolve a growing number of issues plaguing the country.

“It’s infuriating,” the chief strategist reportedly said. “Our house is burning and it looks like they are doing nothing to put out the flames. They are just watching it with the rest of us.”

Concerns about Biden’s performance from within the Beltway coincide with polls showing the president losing support across the United States.

As Breitbart News previously reported:

Biden is underwater in 48 states — including navy blue California and his native Delaware — while his approval rating has fallen to the lowest in his presidency, with just 30 percent approval and 58 percent disapproval, according to the latest CIVIQS release. Average job approvals on July 3rd.

While twelve percent exploratory study Participants neither agree nor reject Biden’s approval rating underwater in 48 states. The only two exceptions are Hawaii (45 to 42 percent) and Vermont (44 to 38 percent). The president’s net approval is minus 28.

Meanwhile, Biden’s allies, such as former White House adviser Cedric Richmond, are scrambling to defend the president’s actions (or lack thereof).

Richmond said, according to Politico Guide. Richmond then added that Democrats targeting Biden “make the president a scapegoat, or a distraction and not focus on what to focus on. He saved democracy once by beating a tyrant. He does it again, but he doesn’t do it by hitting him in the chest.”

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