March 5, 2024

Charles Oliveira fights Conor McGregor, but one condition is enough incentive to focus on Islam Makhachev. Oliveira says the fight for UFC gold in front of his countrymen could justify losing McGregor’s payday.

Oliveira was stripped of the UFC Lightweight Championship in a somewhat controversial weight loss at UFC 274. Despite the setback, Oliveira defeated Justin Gethje in one round to establish himself as the number one contender. Du Bronx and his team rejected the proposal to fight Islam Makhachev in Abu Dhabi. Their desire is to fight in a neutral zone or, preferably, in the homeland of Oliveira Brazil.

“This is the battle that Islam wants, but Habib [Nurmagomedov] Oliveira always says they want to fight in Brazil,” Oliveira told CBS Sports during UFC International Fight Week. So if they want to come to Brazil, let’s make it happen. I want to fight Connor in Brazil because this is a real money fight, but if they want to travel to Brazil, I like that.”

Check out the full interview with Charles Oliveira below.

Oliveira, 32, has been part of the UFC roster for 12 years. “Do Bronx” went in a 10-8 race for his first seven years with the promotion. What followed was an impressive 11-0 stretch over four years that led him to the UFC title. Oliveira gives his daughter full credit for this transformation.

“It was all about the birth of my daughter,” Oliveira said. “When she came, I thought I should give her a better life. I should make money. I should win and I should make all this happen to her. Since then, you guys see what’s going on.”

Oliveira’s refined experience extends beyond the fight itself. The “Do Bronx” has evolved into a sinister terminator within the octagon and a cold-blooded gentleman during Fight Week. You can thank Antonio Rodrigo “Minotoro” Nogueira for the latter.

“Big Nog asked me to wear the suit often and gave me my first suit,” Oliveira said. “Since then, I started getting new fighters and new ones. It shows people that we are not only fighters but we also want to be the complete package.”

Oliveira’s look is similar to Agent 47 from “The Killer”. HIs Fighte is less secretive and more in-your-face but equally deadly.

“The truth is, I’m the problem with that division,” Oliveira said. “Men know my game on the floor. They don’t want to go to the ground with me and they know my heart. If I go to the ground, I stand again and hit them no matter what happens.”

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