December 4, 2023

Marcus Smart He was extremely proud to become the starting guard for the Celtics last season.

“I hear talk about ‘he’s not a real keeper’ and this and that. ‘They need a star keeper'” smart said. “We’ve had star point guards, and yet the so-called non-point guard is the only one that led them to the finals.”

But Boston has just been replaced by another mission Malcolm Brogdon.

Where does that leave SMART?

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald:

So, Boston is likely to keep the starting lineup that just made it to the NBA Finals: smart, Jaylyn BrownAnd the Jason TatumAnd the Alhorford And the Robert Williams.

who leaves Brogdon, Derek White And the Payton Pritchard Come on the bench on guard. This can be very crowded – especially considering the Celtics’ luxury tax liability.

When he joined the Pacers, Brogdon enjoyed becoming a starting point guard after playing a shooting guard for the Bucks. So, how does he feel about taking on a backup role in Boston?

Brogdon, via Jared Weiss from The Athletic:

“I’m looking forward to winning a championship, that’s really all,” said Brogdon. “In the past, I worried about the stats and the numbers and all that. I’m going to Boston and I don’t worry about that.”

Sometimes players take an approach like this – until the team loses. Nothing is sacrificed. And sacrifice when nothing else brings results.

But Boston may be good enough to avoid this problem.

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