December 3, 2023

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Baker Mayfield Has been linked to leopards since Brown was traded Deshaun Watson And a deal to send the midfielder to Carolina is finally in place.

NFL Media reports that the Panthers will send a 2024 fifth-round conditional to Cleveland in exchange for Mayfield. pickaxe can convert to a fourth player based on playing time and the trade will not become official until Mayfield takes a physical exam in Carolina.

There were also some contractual disagreements regarding the completion of the deal. Mayfield was set to make $18.8 million this season, and questions about how much Brown would pay have been an obstacle to earlier discussions. Cleveland You will pay $10.5 million of Mayfield’s salary and the Panthers will pay him about $5 million with Mayfield agreeing to a wage cut to help facilitate the deal

Mayfield will become the potential Carolina player and that means he will be in line to face Brown in the first week. It remains to be seen if Watson will be available for that game and we know Mayfield will not be an option. status.

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