December 9, 2023

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a political disaster after 16 ministers resigned from his government over the past two days.

The Committee of Special Conservative Members, referred to as the 1922 Committee, intends to hold an election to replace the executive team – chaired by Johnson – before Parliament’s summer recess, according to for BBC. Bob Blackman, a member of the committee, said he hoped to force Johnson to resign through this maneuver, he told the BBC.

Recent indications of mistrust in Johnson include the resignations of two senior cabinet members. Senior Health Minister Sajid Javid and Chancellor Rishi Sunak handed their resignation letters to the Prime Minister on Tuesday, barely concealing their disappointment in him.

sonak They criticized their “fundamentally different” approaches to politics, while javed He spoke openly about losing his faith in leadership. “I lost my confidence too,” Javid’s message reads. (Related: ‘Most Loud’ – House Freedom Caucus calls for Biden, Austin and Millie’s resignations)

Children and Families Minister Will Quince resigned Wednesday, days after he publicly defended the prime minister, The New York Times reported. mentioned. Downing Street allegedly made false statements and asked government officials, such as Quince, to repeat them to the public, the New York Times has followed.

Quince tweeted that he could no longer hold his position in good faith after receiving “inaccurate information” he had mistakenly passed on to the media.

Several members of Johnson’s Conservative Party have spoken of their distrust of the prime minister after he appointed Chris Pincher as deputy whip head earlier this year, the BBC reported. The loss of confidence comes after multiple allegations of misconduct surfaced against Pincher, allegations that Johnson was privy to. The prime minister apologized for the appointment, admitting it was a “fatal mistake”, according to the BBC. Colleges report Boris Johnson employees held drunk parties, violated pandemic restrictions

Nadim al-Zahawi took over as chancellor, becoming the fourth person in three years to hold the position, according to the BBC.

The BBC has reported the resignations of junior minister Robin Walker, Justice Minister Victoria Atkins, Chancellor of the Exchequer John Glenn, Solicitor General Alex Chalke, Conservative Deputy Chairman Pim Avulami, trade envoys and seven ministerial aides have all resigned since Tuesday.

This wave of resignations comes less than a month after Johnson faced a confidence vote by members of his own party. The vote came after doubts emerged about Johnson’s leadership linked to the Partigate scandal.

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