December 6, 2023

Texas Governor Dan Patrick told Fox News that the state is being invaded, which gives the state the power to remove immigrants from the country. The constitution, he said, gives Texas “the power to lay hands on the people and bring them back.”

Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher an interview About the deepening crisis along the Texas border with Mexico, Lt. Gov. Patrick on Tuesday afternoon. The interview came shortly before one border county in Texas declared the surge of immigrants an “invasion.”

“Some counties in Texas are ready to declare their counties invaded,” Patrick told Gallagher. “We had 230,000 people crossing the border [U.S.] border last month. That’s just who we arrested.”

“We are being invaded,” the Lieutenant Colonel stated. “If we are invaded under the Constitution, I think that gives us the power to lay our hands on the people and bring them back.”

Kenny County Judge Tully Chahan described conditions in his county as thousands stream across the border from Mexico to Texas every day.

“We are taking these steps in the hope of encouraging our Governor to acknowledge the existence of an invasion on our border with Mexico and to take action to preserve and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Texas,” the district judge stated. In Texas, a district judge is the chief executive of the district.

Several county judges present supported the declaration of invasion and urged Governor Greg Abbott to do the same.

Breitbart Texas reached out to Abbott’s office to obtain a reaction to the announcement of invasion by County Kenny and inviting him to do the same. The governor’s office would not rule out such an announcement from Austin.

“All strategies remain on the table as Texas continues to escalate in the absence of the federal government,” Abbott spokesman Renee Eze said in a written statement. “While President Biden ignores the ever-growing humanitarian crisis, and members of Congress visit the border to take photos and then return to Washington to do nothing, Texas has deployed thousands of Texas National Guard soldiers and DPS forces and has committed more than $4 billion in Texas taxpayer money to secure our borders, Including building our own border wall, erecting strategic barriers, and sending significant resources to help our local partners as he repeatedly stated at the Brackettville press conference.”

“It is time for President Biden – and both parties in Congress – to do their jobs and secure our southern border,” Izzy added. “As challenges at the border continue to grow, Texas will continue to take unprecedented additional actions to address those challenges created by the Biden administration.”

The governor’s office did not say what those “unprecedented measures” were.

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