November 28, 2023
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The Big Ten is all about depth. After all, it’s called the Big Ten but it currently has 14 schools and will soon have 16 schools (and maybe more!) before you know it. This depth is certainly reflected in how we at CBS Sports rank our coaches.

In the comprehensive Power Five coaches rankings, published earlier in the season, no one broke through the top five. However, while the conference lacks a top five presence, it has five coaches in the top 15, eight in the top 25 and 12 in the top 40. This is a testament to the convention’s tradition as well as the overall purchasing power.

But while this is how Big Ten coaches compare to their Power Five counterparts, how do they compare to one another? That’s what we’re here to go for today. As you’d expect, after the 2020 COVID short campaign kicked off and the 2021 season that saw surprising results, there have been some significant changes in the top coaches’ rankings this year. While the top rank remained the same, every other coach in the conference saw his change of heart.

Complete the Power Five Trainer Rankings: 1-25 | 26-65

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