December 3, 2023

The Brown Quarterback Baker Mayfield is traded to leopards For a conditional draft in the fifth round of 2024, the The team announced Wednesday. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network and Tom Pellisero were the first to report the news. The transaction is pending material.

Mayfield was set to make $18.86 million this season, and that contract is said to have been holding up commercial discussions. Cleveland Mayfield will pay $10.5 million from the contract and Carolina will pay him $5 million each Mike Garavolo of the NFL Network. Mayfield agreed to cut back on the rest of his salary.

In January, it was reported that Cleveland wanted to keep Mayfield this year. However, that was before the team traded for Deshaun Watson. The former Texas quarterback has faced 25 civil lawsuits describing accounts of sexual harassment and assault (20 of which have now been settled and one has been dropped). Just prior to Watson’s trade, Mayfield formally requested a trade from the Browns.

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