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Apple announces Lockdown Mode for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with extra privacy protections

Apple’s latest big software features may not be right for you, but you can use them anyway.

The iPhone company announced Wednesday that iOS 16, iPad OS 16, and macOS Ventura will all include a new feature called Lockdown Mode. This is for what Apple calls a “very small” number of people including government figures, journalists, etc. who have valuable data that needs additional protection. In other words, the majority of people reading this may never need to use it, but if you truly Care about data security, Lockdown mode is worth knowing.

When you turn on Lockdown Mode on any of your Apple devices later this year, it will block most types of attachments in the Messages app, apart from photos, as well as turn off link previews. Incoming FaceTime calls will be blocked unless you send a request to the user on the other end in advance. Wired connections to any computers or accessories will also be disabled.

This is what you’ll see if you want to turn on Lock Mode.
Credit: Apple

Apple has also promised future updates to Lockdown Mode over time, so people who need it will see it enhanced in the future. And if you’re having a hard time getting paid, Apple is offering rewards of up to $2 million to anyone who finds bugs in Lockdown Mode protection.

Again, this is something that could be a file Many From Apple device owners they will never use. Not many people will know it exists. But its existence is a testament to Apple’s continued push to become known as the best privacy protector in Big Tech. For example, just last year, social media companies like Snap and Meta reported doing just that lost money Due to an iPhone update that allowed users to turn off tracking across apps.

In other words, Apple is willing to financially hurt popular app makers and develop features for incomprehensible small amounts of its user base in the name of privacy. Whether or not you think Apple has your interests at heart, it’s definitely a good look, if nothing else.

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