December 3, 2023

Driving above the speed limit may become impossible in the European Union one day, and today represents an important step towards that outcome.

on me July 6a technique called Intelligent Speed ​​Assist (ISA) It has become mandatory for all new car models and types being introduced into the European market. Furthermore, the system will become mandatory for all new cars to be sold in the European Union from July 2024.

ISA uses vehicle cameras, map data, and deep learning (among other methods) to check if a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit and, if so, can warn the driver in several ways, and even reduce the vehicle’s speed to bring it within the limit.

According to information provided by the European Commission, excessive speed “contributes to about 30 percent of fatal accidents”, and the ISA was designed to reduce the number of accidents caused by speeding. a pilot project PROSPER called for reduced computed failures in six countries, and predicted that implementing ISA could reduce deaths between 19-28 percent, depending on the country. This is for a “market-driven scenario”, which means that the technology will be implemented by the car manufacturers themselves; In a structured scenario, mortality could be reduced between 26-50 percent.

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In terms of how this works in practice, ISA regulation provides several options for feedback to the driver when he is accelerating: an audible warning, a vibration warning, haptic feedback through the accelerator pedal, and finally, cruise control, in which the speed is “automatically lowered gently.”

If this sounds too unfair, don’t worry: car manufacturers will have a “freedom of choice” from any of the above, and the driver will be able to bypass all these measures. In one example, if the car slowed down automatically, the driver would be able to increase the speed by “pressing the accelerator pedal a little deeper”. In addition to, The driver will be able to deactivate the system Exactly if it becomes too annoying, although the system will be revised as it is reaching a wider scope and may change in the future.

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