December 4, 2023

One of the most confusing questions that fans thought after watching the two-part season 4 finale Weird things is how a time-jump on Earth would work after all that happened during the end of Episode 9.

Obviously spoilers ahead.

On the other hand, a time jump seems a necessity at this point. The young cast of the show is advancing day by day. The massive three-year gap between seasons 3 and 4 really made things worse. Ages of the main actors of the children’s characters Expanded steadily every season.

on the other side, Stranger Things 4 We’re basically used to kids that look a little older than their characters should look, so it’s not unfathomable to think that fans could suspend their disbelief for another season if we picked up right where we left off.

This is where things get difficult. The Duffer Brothers basically confirmed the time jump:

“I’m sure we’re going to do a time leap,” Ross Dover said. “Ideally, we’d shoot [Seasons 4 and 5] Turning back, but there was no feasible way to do it.”

But the end of Season 4, The Piggyback, ends with the cracks of Vecna ​​opening up, destroying large swaths of Hawkins, then closing again (so everyone thought it was an earthquake) and then opening right at the end of the episode as everyone stares in horror.

This is a strange sequence. The portals are supposed to converge when Max dies, and then close when Eleven rescues her. But why are they opening again? (And in fact, why not make it open and keep it open?)

Whatever the case, this leaves Hawkins in grave danger. No one would be able to deny the existence of a supernatural threat at this point. The whole world will be watching Hawkins, Indiana. The government will pour into the city. The army will isolate her.

My question is: How much time jump can you effectively perform with all this, with Max in a coma, and with everything on the verge of another big showdown with the Vicna and his upside-down hordes? It’s one thing if the season ends like the last three. Any of those could easily justify a leap forward in time. But season 4 ends on the brink and it seems odd that it starts some time later (presumably more than two days or weeks).

I’m not sure how this works. maybe they catch In res media, With the world already conquered and our heroes running guerrilla tactics red dawn against Vicna forces. (To be fair, red dawn would be perfect for Weird things and nostalgia for the 80s).

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