December 5, 2023

As American families gathered to celebrate Independence Day this weekend, Del Rio Sector Patrol agents rounded up nearly 5,000 immigrants. Another 1,000 eluded the nursery.

Owens, president of the Del Rio Sector Patrol, tweeted a video report detailing the weekend’s activities by his agents. Over the 4th of July weekend, a Del Rio strip agent arrested 4,946 immigrants. An additional 922 immigrants were classified as fugitives. Got-Aways are immigrants who are noticed by customers or electronic surveillance but not caught. Got-aways also include immigrant tracks that have not already been observed.

“On the Fourth of July alone, we arrested approximately 1,850 individuals,” President Owens said.

“Large groups are still a problem for us,” the president explained. “This past weekend, we had seven large groups of a hundred or more people — that amounted to about 1,400 apprehensions.”

On Tuesday, large groups did not stop crossing the border. Eagle Pass agents arrested a group shortly after Tuesday afternoon. Breitbart Texas reported that the group consisted of more than 350 immigrants. A Border Patrol agent at the scene told Breitbart Texas that a group of just over 350 crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico about five miles north of Eagle Pass.

In addition to nearly 5,000 fear cases, agents rescued 38 migrants from life-threatening accidents. Unfortunately, the president said, two immigrants died after being exposed to the Texas heat for too long by people smugglers.

The agents also arrested two foreign known criminals. Owens reports that an immigrant has been convicted of rape.

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