December 4, 2023

Australian government officials have ordered nearly 50,000 Sydney residents evacuation Reuters reported their homes on Tuesday after local waterways swelled beyond danger levels amid torrential rain.

The news agency reported on 5 July that “about 50,000 NSW residents, mostly in Sydney’s western suburbs, have been asked to either evacuate or be warned that they may receive eviction orders”.

“There are now 98 evacuation orders and 60 warnings covering 45,000 people in place – up from 32,000 affected on Monday – for the emergency now extending from the central coast,” Australian 7News mentioned On 5 July.

The Australian federal government has declared flooding in and around Sydney a natural disaster, a designation that will allow affected residents to receive emergency funds. Heavy rain has fallen in and around Sydney since July 1, Causing He flooded the area for the fourth time in 18 months. The weather emergency severely disrupted normal life and commerce in Sydney, Australia’s largest city (population 5.3 million) and home to one of the most important ports of the South Pacific.

Australian newspaper 7News revealed on Tuesday that a single evacuation attempt to rescue the crew of a ship off the coast of Sydney was so risky that it was not yet completed despite repeated attempts.

Detailing the July 5 ordeal, the news outlet wrote:

The 21 crew members aboard the Portland Bay cruise ship docked perilously off Cronulla Beach [Sydney suburb] She must continue to wait until she is rescued. The tow line was cut 11 meters off the Royal National Park and thwarted attempts to free the crew after it was deemed too dangerous.

The bulk carrier is now twice installed in a more secure position until conditions are expected to ease around 3 a.m. Wednesday [July 6]when it is expected to be brought to Port Botany [sic].

The Hong Kong-based ship had already delivered its cargo of cement at the port of Kembla, but it contained 1,000 tons of fuel oil that could cause an environmental disaster if spilled.

Port Kembla is located in the Australian newswire of South Wales (NSW) about 120 miles south of Sydney Harbour. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, a state located in the southeast.

“The latest wild storm cell – which brought a year of rain in three days to some areas – is likely to recede in Sydney from Tuesday [July 5] As the coastal basin moves north, “the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) He said On Tuesday, according to Reuters.

But the flood risk could persist throughout the week as most of the watersheds were already close to capacity even before the latest flood. Some areas have seen 800 mm (31.5 inches) of rain since Saturday [July 2]exceeding the average annual precipitation in Australia by about 500 mm (20 in).

Australia has suffered record flooding nationwide in recent months, with some in the northeast negatively impacting crop harvests.

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