March 5, 2024

Zion Williamson He agreed to a maximum five-year contract extension with the Pelicans, which is worth $193 million or $231 million – if Williamson meets the maximum standards for next season.

The long-awaited question: Is the deal fully guaranteed, or does New Orleans have injury protection?

Shams Al Shaaraniya from The Athletic on “Pat McAfee Show“:

Sources tell me that there is protection in Zion Williamson’s maximum extension.

If he did, and made the All-NBA team, he would make $231 million.

I wonder if Charania is confusing Super Max standards with contract guarantees. Williamson’s contract could theoretically allow him to launch the maximum by making an All-NBA team next season, bringing the extension value to $231 million, without The extension is now fully guaranteed. Warranty triggers can be separate.

But if Williamson possesses both max max And the His full guarantee is on the line next season, which will set him up for a particularly perilous year.

Williamson is capable of achievement. He should have made the All-NBA team in 2021. The forward force is the elite at creating and converting highly efficient shots near the edge. His style of playing as a point forward adds another threat. Williamson has plenty of room to toughen his defence, not to mention the close high defensive potential he showed in Duke. He is supposed to be in good health.

However, Williamson missed the entire last season due to injury. Hence, New Orleans is pushing for injury protection. The NBA also has many forwards who are able to deliver all NBA seasons. So, nothing is certain.

If Williamson doesn’t get his fully guaranteed deal by making the All-NBA team next season, other questions will remain: How much else is Williamson guaranteed to extend? Are there other ways in which the extension can be guaranteed?

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