February 27, 2024

Since Thursday, I’ve been back to my cart on Amazon countless times. My Xbox Series X is still there somehow, practically asking me to click the Place Your Order button. I’m holding back, just because I’m able to play all the Xbox exclusives on my PC anyway thanks to Game Pass Ultimate. However, this is the first time I’ve encountered this situation for such a long time.

The Xbox Series X has been in Amazon Canada for at least five days now. I’ve never seen that in the 20 months since the arrival of the current consoles.

While this is anecdotal evidence and a very, very small sample size, it’s a good indication that Microsoft is starting to keep up with Xbox Series X demand – at least in Canada. The console has been available directly from Microsoft and Walmart (albeit bundled with a console) since at least Thursday, but it’s sold out at Best Buy.

The global supply chain crisis that played a major factor in the console shortage is far from over. It is not likely to be resolved until at least next year. However, there have been reports that Microsoft has been pay extra To get priority access to chips, you need to make more Series X consoles.

There are other signs that game console makers are navigating the turbulent times of manufacturing. valve last week He said It was boosting Steam Deck production and doubling the number of shipments. Meanwhile, industry analyst Daniel Ahmed noted that the PlayStation 5 was not sold in China between major restockings last week and yesterday.

I’ve seen PS5 restocks frequently in the US and Canada over the past couple of months as well. There is talk of the console being widely available in some other markets as well.

It is worth noting that the turmoil in the global economy and the rising cost of living have made these units exceed the budgets of many at the moment. This may have left more units in stock at retailers.

However, there seem to be positive signs of PS5 and Xbox Series X availability for those who want one. It will take some time Before things settle down and you can go to a local store and pick one up any given day (as you can with the S Series in many places), but things are getting better.

I still want the X Series. It’s oddly comforting to know that, at least for now, I actually have the option of buying one on a whim, but I’ll probably keep putting off for now. Then again, I’m self-employed and write about video games for a living, so it’s very clearly a business expense. Hmmm.

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