December 9, 2023

Kevin Durant (left) and Steve Curry

Kevin Durant (left) and Steve Curry
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It must be summer 2016 because Kevin Durant rumors are raging, and it looks like the Warriors are on the table again.

According to reports, Durant’s market is still forming. Nothing is set in stone, but the fact that the Warriors were one of the first rumored teams to tell us a lot about their level of interest. People are already talking about how Warriors can offer one of the best trade packages. Analysts are already talking about how players like Jordan Paul, James Wiseman and Jonathan Cominga are not worth trading. So even though most NBA fans want to believe the KD for the Warriors can never happen again, the foundation is there. But why would KD want to return to Golden State?

Does he really want to win another championship that bad? Like yeah, that’s a great prize, but Durant actually had a chance to win more trophies with Golden State when he got into free agency after the 2018 season. Yeah, he got hurt, but he could have stayed with the Warriors, and then when he, Steve Curry and Klay Thompson got back in. To health again, they could go on their happy path and win some titles. But Durant wanted to prove he could lead a team to the title on his own. He has been constantly talking about the Warriors since he left, claiming that the warriors wereNever a winning team Before [Durant] They signed there,” despite the Warriors winning a title and 73 games in a row before Durant signed there. There were also several reports that KD was jealous of Steve Curry during his time with the Warriors, suggesting that Golden State fans would choose Always Steve on it. Durant never felt like his team. Since then KD I gave up on that story, claiming that it was a mistake and that “the media is just trying to start something”. However, between the statements he’s made since leaving the Warriors and videos all over the internet of him getting into fights with Draymond Green on the field, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t at least some truth in these rumours.

Hell, after the Warriors won the 2022 NBA title, it took Durant some time to congratulate his former team. When Curry lifted his first trophy in the NBA Finals, Durant was posting Instagram stories about Drake’s latest album. It took nearly 24 hours for Durant to acknowledge the Warriors’ accomplishment on social media, and when he finally congratulated them, it was in response to a disgruntled fan claiming that Durant’s legacy is officially dead.

I don’t need to argue about how Durant’s legacy is not dead. Obviously it is not. If that was the case, the Warriors wouldn’t care to bring him back for the second round. He is arguably still the greatest pure goal scorer of all time. However, after Steve and his company win another title without Durant – proving that the Warriors don’t need Durant as much as they do – moving to the Golden State will only confirm the points Durant has been trying to fight since he left the Bay Area.

1) This will always be Steph’s team. It doesn’t matter whether Durant returns to score 35 games and win his second-ever unanimous title, fans and the front office will always appreciate Steve Durant for what Curry was able to do before and after Durant was his teammate.

2) Durant left the Golden State to prove he didn’t need them. When Durant first came to the Bay Area, there was an argument that the Warriors needed Durant in order to win. They just blasted a 3-1 lead to LeBron and the Caves, and Durant might have been the missing piece they needed. This argument does not work this time. Warriors just ran the playoffs without being forced into Game 7 mode.

Despite Durant’s claims that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his legacy, it is clear that Durant does. He spends a lot of his time scrolling through Twitter arguing with nobody and/or basketball seniors trying to justify every decision he’s made in his career. Durant’s legacy isn’t dead, but the decision to return to the team he left certainly won’t help him to prove he didn’t need them. I know this time, Durant’s move will be due to a deal, so Durant won’t have as much say in his next team as he did in 2016. However, if Durant really doesn’t want to go to Golden State, he could threaten a picket if he’s traded there. He’s got star power and the market to do so, and given the blow his legacy could take with another move to Golden State, this could be his best course of action. in an interview On Draymond Green Show Chips, said Dr. K. He has no regrets about leaving the warriors. Returning to the team in any capacity, let alone winning another championship without him, would be begging otherwise.

If Durant wanted to talk about him in the same sentence as LeBron or MJ, he wouldn’t be able to join the team that just won their fourth NBA title in eight years. Join Suns. Join the Bucks. Join anyone but Golden State.

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