December 5, 2023

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Everything was a mess last year, and even the world of online shopping went into a whirlpool. We had Prime Day(Opens in a new tab) In October, guys. Right before Black Friday. There was panic, confusion, and an overwhelming feeling that things were completely wrong.

Fortunately, a little bit of order is restored in 2021. Nature is recovering, and Prime Day is almost back to its usual spot on the calendar.

When is Prime Day in 2021?

Prime Day takes place on June 21 and 22 this year, and there are also press release From Amazon to prove it. Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day 2021 will begin on Monday, June 21, at one minute past midnight, and will offer more than two million baffling deals as of midnight on Tuesday, June 22.

Excited shoppers will discover that Amazon has moved Prime Day from its regular mid-July time to try something new. This new date may also provide better timing for summer travel plans. Normally this change is a big deal, but it doesn’t seem very significant when you consider that last year’s Prime Day was less than two months away from Black Friday. Last year’s peak day was postponed several times due to concerns about the coronavirus, and finally settled on October 13 and 14. We are happy to restore some kind of normalcy.

Mark June 21 and 22 in your calendars.
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It is worth noting that the official landing page for Prime Day(Opens in a new tab) Live, and we recommend keeping this page bookmarked – Amazon is already highlighting some of the best early deals on Prime Day, so you can beat the rush by picking what you want from this page.

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day began in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary, and was marketed as a “one-day event filled with more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members around the world.” The first peak day resulted in shortages and long waiting lists for ordered items, so the appetite was clearly there, but improvements were needed to keep it going. Amazon sorted things out quickly

Prime Day(Opens in a new tab) It has since expanded into an annual two-day event, with plenty of early deals available in the days leading up to the main event. Fellow retailers like Argos and Currys PC World now offer a competitive sale, so this really is a great time to save.

How does Prime Day work?

We know you might be pumping up on Prime Day and not having the patience to start shopping, but there is a catch. We’re sorry to break it with you this way, but you’ll need to be a prime member to get the best deals.

If you are not already a member, you can join for free(Opens in a new tab) 30 days with a trial. If you choose to continue with your membership, you can pay for the entire package at a cost of £79 per year, or pay monthly for £7.99 per month (which comes to £95.88 per year). Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the free trial period, but you can cancel this at any time. So you can get all the benefits of Amazon Prime membership on Prime Day without spending a penny.

What should you buy on Prime Day?

We still don’t know much, so we won’t be making any bold predictions about deals. That doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the right direction, as Prime Day tends to follow a certain pattern.

Best Prime Day Deals(Opens in a new tab) It often aligns with Black Friday, which means that TVs, kitchen appliances, robotic vacuums and Apple products will likely have the most impact. This could be your chance to find AirPods Pro for under £150, and you can even find discounts on AirPods Max in excess of 5%. Amazon’s press release specifically mentions brands such as iRobot, Samsung, Levi’s, Lego, Mattel and Le Creuset, so we can safely say that these brands will be offered at a lower price. We also expect sales on treadmills and Peloton alternativesAnd the And more home fitness equipment that’s been flying off the shelves since last summer.

Deals will appear on Amazon's own devices in abundance.

Deals will appear on Amazon’s own devices in abundance.
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While you can expect to see millions of deals on just about everything, it’s important to remember that Amazon keeps Prime Day to itself. Deals will appear on Amazon’s own devices in abundance. You’re guaranteed to find deals on Echos, Fire, Kindles, and Fire TV devices, and Amazon often discounts these devices heavily. Prime Video, Prime Gaming, and other subscription services from Amazon will also see exclusive deals.

Can You Support Small Business on Prime Day?

Huge brands like Samsung, Apple, and iRobot will always appear on Prime Day, but thoughtful shoppers may appreciate what Amazon is investing in this year: small businesses. During the lead-up to Prime Day and throughout the popular shopping event, Amazon offers a £10 credit to Prime members who spend £10 on items sold by small businesses on Prime Day.

There are about 300,000 qualified small vendors in 2021, which is more than double the number of eligible small businesses compared to last year. Everything you need to know about this special promotion can be found at “Support Small”(Opens in a new tab) Storefront page, which can be organized by women-owned stores, black-owned stores, and more.

How do you shop on Prime Day?

When it comes to shopping on Prime Day, you have plenty of options. We’ve highlighted how you can get the most out of this mega shopping event:

  • amazon smile Have you heard of Amazon Smile? It sounds like a secret, but it really shouldn’t be. When you shop at in a new tab)Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. Looks good, doesn’t it? The interface is the same, so it’s an easy way to give back while stocking up.

  • Amazon app: If you’re likely to be out on Prime Day, we recommend downloading the Amazon mobile apps. Then you can log in and you are ready to shop wherever you are.

  • Ask Alexa: Alexa is ready to help you add items to your cart. To get started, say ‘Alexa, Shop Small Business’ to hear information on which products are eligible for a £10 spend, and get a £10 promotion. If you don’t have Prime yet, say, “Alexa, sign me up for Prime,” and get a £5 credit.

  • Amazon Live: Throughout Prime Day, Amazon Live(Opens in a new tab) It will highlight curated deals from small businesses across Amazon.

  • Amazon: We know this is shocking, but you can still use to buy the best deals(Opens in a new tab) On peak day. Yes, you can forgo the app and everything else if you’re likely to be sitting at your desktop or laptop all day, and keep things simple.

We don’t really have a recommendation as to which shopping method you should use, because it really depends on what works for you. Think about where you will be on June 21-22, and choose the option that will be easiest and most effective.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime?

List of main benefits(Opens in a new tab) It’s long, so we’ve gone ahead and highlighted the things you should care about:

Membership is clearly stacked with benefits, including, of course, access to Prime Day deals on June 21 and 22. If you don’t think Amazon Prime is right for you in the long run, but still want access to Prime Day deals, we recommend going for the free trial and canceling your membership once Prime Day is over. Just don’t forget to cancel.

Once you sign up, whether with a free trial or a full membership, you can increase your chances of saving on Prime Day 2021. With loads of great discounts on laptops, tablets, TVs, game consoles, fitness equipment and more to expect at this shopping event, you haven’t yet. There has never been a better time to record.

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