December 5, 2023

After hours gunman opened fire At a suburban 4th of July motorcade in Highland Park, Illinois, killing six and injuring twenty, police arrested a man they identified as a VIP, Robert Cremo III. He was not formally charged in the attack.

Investigators say the gunman shot the parade-goers from a rooftop at around 10:15 a.m. during the community’s Independence Day celebration. Police said a “powerful gun” was found at the scene. The suspect was initially described as a white young man with long black hair.

A few hours later, authorities publicly identified Cremo as the man to be sought and posted a photo of him. The police did not say what exactly prompted them to identify Cremo as a significant person in the shooting.

Robert E. Cremo III

Highland Park Police

It was Taken to booking Monday night after police said he drove them on a short chase in his Honda Fit.

Police said Krimo, known as Bobby, is 22, but it appears that the FBI’s social media and Krimo are 21.

On Monday afternoon, police and the FBI surrounded the family’s home in Heywood, north of Highland Park. Neighbors told CBS Chicago that Cremo lived there with his father and uncle. His uncle said that Krimo stayed in an apartment in the back.

His father, a deli owner, ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Highland Park in 2019. Cremo Paul’s uncle said he hadn’t noticed any signs that his nephew might be committing violence.

“There was absolutely no indication,” Paul Cremo He told CBS Chicago. “There was no indication that I had ever seen it that would lead to that.”

He said the attack was “sad”.

“I can’t even believe it now. (I) pray for all the families and for everyone who has been injured and injured,” he said.

Bobby Crimo also went by the stage name Awake the Rapper and posted online content that included violent images. On a now-deleted YouTube page, some of his videos featured his hometown, while others featured animated scenes of gun violence. In one video depicting gun violence, he can be heard saying, “I need to leave now. I just want to do it. It’s my destiny.”

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rottering said in an interview Tuesday on CBS Mornings that she knew Cremo when she was a child.

“I was the leader of the Cub Scouts,” Rottering said. “He was a little kid at the time. My heart goes out to everyone in this town.” “I am not sure what happened to him to force him to commit this kind of evil in his hometown, but we have a city in deep mourning today and it will take a long time to recover from all of this.”

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